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Job Killing is a mentoring program for cold-hearted employees who wanna murder their 9 to 5.

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What started off as a pilot coaching program has now ballooned to an unstoppable 1000+ member movement of ex-network & affiliate marketers who’re now kicking ass with our local lead generation system.

We teach you our business model, which we genuinely believe anyone can do, from anywhere in the world, even if you currently suck at online marketing.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

This is not a bullshit business opportunity.

This is not a fad that’s here today, gone tomorrow.

Job Killing is the real effin’ deal.  It works.  It’s here to stay. (Read what our students have to say)

It’s your single best shot at finally living the laptop lifestyle you’ve dreamed about.

We put everything we have into this.  Every day, seven days a week, even on holidays… we’re in there, helping our peeps.

Because of the time, energy, passion, custom phone system (available only to Job Killers), lifetime support, optional done-for-you services, the unfair crowd-sourcing advantage, and built-in partnerships, this experience ain’t cheap.

Don’t bother scheduling a call if you’re unwilling to put skin in the game and double down on your future.

Please: no whiners, victims, deadbeats or money chasers need apply.

But if you’re:

  • Genuine
  • Realistic
  • Coachable
  • Ready to work
  • Consistent
  • Responsible
  • Willing to invest
  • Determined to make job-replacing income

… we’d be happy to consider you for enrollment into Job Killing.

Read our most recent testimonials and watch these videos first.  Then, simply schedule a call on our calendar to apply:

Watch this video and let Brad explain EXACTLY how it works.

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Here’s executive Job Killing coach, Hal Fischer, chatting with some of our students:


Seen enough? Click the big blue button below.

(Still on the fence about it? Check out what our students have to say.)

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Calls are on a first come, first serve basis, so schedule yours as soon as possible. It’ll be either myself, Brad, Dan or Hal on the call with you.

Now let’s talk about getting money. Fast.

The only “shortcut” that exists online is learning straight from badass mofo’s who’re already doing what you wanna do.

My partners Dan and Brad are.

We’ve created a multiple six figure laptop lifestyle business, outside of affiliate marketing and MLM.

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Click above and let’s get started. The calendar will open in a new tab and look like this:

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Pick a day and time that works best for your schedule.

Then click “Continue.”

You’ll come to a second page, which looks like this:

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Fill out the quick form and click “Continue” once again.

You’ll land on a confirmation page that looks like this:

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Important: click “Confirm” or you will not be booked.  If successful, you should see the final page confirming your appointment:

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Feel free to add it to Google Calendar, if that’s something you use.

We’ll also email you a copy of the call confirmation.

And Dan, Brad or Hal will call you then.

Make sure you answer.  Our time is valuable — as is yours — and we’ve blocked out 45 minutes to chat.

If we think you’ve got what it takes, we may offer a one-time scholarship right there on the phone.  So stuff your excuses in a sack and be ready to double down on your future.

Remember, we’ve raised the price four times already and it’ll only get more expensive as the testimonials continue to pour in.

You deserve this.  Invest in your happiness.

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