Attraction Marketing

I’m ’bout to drop it like it’s hot.

And share an industry secret about attraction marketing that most MLM leaders want to keep hush hush.

Time to spill the beans. Here it is.

97% of all Network Marketers never earn a single dime within their respective companies.

Say what?!

This indicates that 97 out-of every 100 people that sign up with an MLM company with huge dreams of quitting their jobs and taking exotic vacations will fall flat on their face.

Why in the world are these numbers tinier than a midget’s jean size?

There are various reasons why people aren’t successful in this sort of business.

But the two primary reasons are lead deprivation and cash flow shortage.

I know. I know. 2 big words. But lemme’ explain.

You see, the traditional network marketing strategies are locked in the stone age.

When they first debuted, they hit Capitalism by storm.

But now, when your Aunt Sally or your Best Friend Joe hit you up on your cell…

and then invite you over to their house to meet with a millionaire who is in town just for the night…

and tells you he/she is willing to share their money making secret sauce with only a handful of people…

You already know the 411.

Your hand is tightly gripping your wallet, because you know you’re about to get pitched for yet another MLM opportunity.

While some results can be produced by pitching to prospects this way, it’s not the top strategy for success.

At least, not in this day and age.

…and those people who actually dig the sales lifestyle and absolutely love “belly-to-belly” marketing will one day run out of individuals to talk to.

And they’ll have to deal with those same two difficulties.

Attraction Marketing involves branding yourself as an expert or leader within the network marketing industry.

So, if you’re fresh out the gates, and have a big fat goose egg worth of experience, how do you promote yourself as a leader?

It’s actually simpler than a 2nd grade math problem.

You’ve got to provide massive amounts of value and solve the issues of your target market.

Again, just to recap a bit.

We understand that the two biggest problems network marketers face are:

1) generating cash flow

2) having enough prospects to speak with weekly to produce and maintain that cash flow.

Now here’s the kicker.

Every aspiring network marketing professional will be attracted to you naturally if people perceive you as an expert in these two problem areas.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to board your train if you can hook them up with leads that will increase their bank account?!

No need for a Captain Obvious remark here.

Everyone would flock to you to receive the knowledge that you have.

And here’s the question I hear loud and clear all of you asking:

“How do I, with little to no experience, position myself as the top dawg of lead generation and of cash flow?”

The answer is simple- you subscribe to the principles of Attraction Marketing which trains you to mirror EXACTLY what that other successful marketers are employing.

And you begin by talking the talk, and walking the walk as the solution for all of those struggling network marketers’ troubles.

And out of thin air, you are making your own success story that you are able to share in the long term.

MLM has always been and always will be about building long lasting, quality relationships.

You shouldn’t lead any sales-pitch within network marketing, or even outside of it, with your primary objective.

Which is to sell them on your opportunity.

Strait up… nobody cares about your company or its offer.

They just care about what type of value you bring to the table, and the way you can help them become successful.

That’s it. if you can accomplish this- game, set, match. You win.

Individuals generally do not join companies, they join YOU!

They will jump at the chance to gain a spot on your team in whichever company you have locked arms with.

As long as you can show your prospects that you can offer value and help solve their problems.

I mean, look at David Wood, who is an industry legend as an example.

Just a few years ago, this dude was living out of his van and prospecting in Walmart for his business.

That’s when he realized that no one wants to follow someone else who walks up to strangers all day and says, “Hey, you look bright. I got something I want to show you.”

Too creepy.

So, he saddled up, moved back in with his mom, and invested in online marketing courses specializing in attracting BUYERS.

Within a year, he went from a few hundred dollars per month, to being the top income earner in My Lead System Pro.

Which is an MLM training powerhouse.

Anyways, he hopped around from MLM to MLM because he knew the secret to free leads online.

Sweet huh? Absolutely. And so were the size of his paychecks. 6 figures every month.

And wherever he went, a hoard of loyal followers jumped ship with him.

Then he stepped up the game to a whole new level, and founded an MLM based on the principles of attracting Targeted, High-Quality & Free MLM Leads.

And within two short years, his team has over 150,000 reps and has paid out over $70 million in commissions.

The company’s name is Empower Network, and is the company I go to bat for each and every day.

And I say all this not to impress you, but to impress upon you, the power of Attraction Marketing.

The training I’m ’bout to school you with, makes it easy for anybody to achieve success provided they follow the directions.

There are a plethora of approaches to spur traffic to your site or capture pages online.

Some of the most popular and profitable ways include: blogging, video blogging, social media and article marketing (Facebook and Twitter).

A number of other useful methods which give you a high bang for your buck include: Facebook PPC (pay-per-click), Bing / Yahoo PPC, YouTube PPC, etc.

Generating traffic to your own site and capture pages is straightforward, as soon as you receive proper training on the best way to use these procedures.

Just keep in the front of your mind that the free methods take a tad bit more time than if you throw money for advertising into the mix.

But once established, with the free strategies, you will become an unstoppable recruiting machine.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Attraction Marketing

Step 1- Attraction Marketing Is All About Value

I can’t stress this point enough- you have to give value first, in order to receive it.

And if you’re wet behind the ears to what I’m saying, I mean getting paid the big bucks.

You have to position yourself as the go-to authority for whatever niche you choose.

And if you’re new or have no special skills, no worries.

All you have to do is step your research and studying game way up.

If you want to be a master, you have to study the masters, and put forth the effort.

So, hop on blogs of gurus within your niche.

Buy some products, and invest in seminars and webinars.

You have to learn, otherwise it’s back to the employment line.

And every tidbit you learn, you turn the knowledge into your own words and deliver it to your audience.

That’s the real definition of “fake it ’til you make it.”

Step 2- Offer Free Value

So, you’ve committed yourself to becoming an expert within your niche and you now have the wisdom.

This is where you don’t put the cart in front of the horse.

That’s right, put on the brakes.

You have to deliver tremendous value so you can build a name for yourself.

Here’s what you do.

Create a free report or a free video seminar detailing everything you know.

And market it everywhere.

I’m talking on every social media site, in all forums related to your niche, and on your site.

This will create buzz and excitement, and the steam will pick up in your favor.

3. Be Yourself

Now I know I said to mirror other success stories in your niche.

But I never said to become them.

No one likes a follower.

But everyone loves a leader.

You have to craft the same message every top income earner is peddling into your own words.

You have to be unique and come up with something that no one else does.

For example, my specialty is the same as David Wood’s.

I am a MASTER at attracting Targeted, High-Quality & Free Leads to see my business presentation.

I have very similar tips, methods and strategies that David Wood has in his arsenal.

But here’s how I’m unique and set myself apart.

He charges money for his blueprint. And justifiably so. It is absolutely worth ten times the amount.

But, I stand out like a purple cow by offering all of my followers, my EXACT blueprint for FREE.

That’s right. My followers can leave their credit cards at home, because it’s on the house.

Check it out for yourself by click here, so you can see it with your own eyes.
That’s the definition of bringing massive amounts of value, for free and in my own words.

Attraction Marketing

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a wrap.

That’s Attraction Marketing 101.

Super easy to learn and implement right?!

Without a shadow of a doubt it is.

You are attracting your target market with your expertise.

And you are repelling everyone else, because your knowledge is not what they’re looking for.

For example, if you’re looking for information on how to perform magic tricks, I’m not your guy.

You can save that for David Blaine or Chris Angel.

But you wouldn’t go to them for free MLM leads. That’s my cup of tea. You would come to me.

Now is this blueprint the whole kit and kaboodle?

Absolutely not.

But it’s the foundation.

And without a rock solid foundation, everything above comes crumbling down.

However, if you want tickets to the entire show, and to learn all the ins and outs of attraction marketing, so you can begin getting free leads tonight, then click here.

And of course, if you have any questions, just drop a comment below, and yours truly will hit you back.

Your Attraction Marketing Coach,

Ken Mabry

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