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Update August 2015 – I’ve decided to hang up my MLM hat for good and move on to something far more reliable and less sleazy.  Check out how 1000+ former MLM and Affiliate Marketers have shed their sleaze and are on the fast track to building a guru-free future for themselves.

Best MLM Compensation Plan… How To Separate 100% Commissions From Everything Else…

Did you just say 100% commissions?

That’s right. I didn’t stutter.

I made a bold statement, and I stick by it.

You see, we can go on for days debating whether a Binary Compensation Plan is more profitable than a Stairstep Breakway Compensation Plan.

But the fact of the matter is, the argument is irrelevant.

Well, at least when you compare it to the Best MLM Compensation Plan– 100% commissions.

Here’s the stone cold reality.

No matter which way you slice it, every traditional MLM Compensation Plan will equal out to about $1 for every rep in your organization.

And let me address the haters real quick.

I absolutely did say just one measly dollar.

You may be looking at the computer screen with your eyes bulging out of your head in disbelief, but these statistics are accurate.

And here’s why.

On average, only 5% of your reps will actually produce for you.

Every leader knows that.

And as a result, every MLM Company stacks the odds in their favor and not yours.

They get fully compensated by the 5%, while you make pennies off of them.

Now if you recruit 5-10 prime time sponsoring machines into your organization, obviously you’ll be making a whole lot more bank.

But these top income earners are a dime out of 1,450,893,490,300,595,000.

And I can literally go on and on and on.

Does it happen for some reps. Absolutely. I tell it like it is.

But for 99.99% of us, there’s no chance.

If this did happen for the majority, these MLM companies would either go out of business or have to change their comp plan.

Because you would be bringing home more bacon then them.

That’s why I proudly and loudly say that 100% commissions beats them all.

And is by far the Best MLM Compensation Plan on the block.

Because whether you sponsor a heavy hitter.

Or if you recruit a lazy, good for nothing rep, you still get paid 100%.

So the logical question becomes, “Where does this mythological 100% commission structure exist?”

Well, it’s absolutely real, and in fact is the fastest growing network marketing opportunity on the planet.

I mean, in the past two years, 150,000+ affiliates have signed up, and over $60,000,000 in commissions have been paid out.

Those numbers are unheard of in this industry.

And so we can skip the chit chat, and cut straight to the chase.

I’m talking about the Empower Network.

That’s right!

Empower Network is a revolutionary MLM, with products that any entrepreneur, from network marketing professionals to small and local business owners can leverage to enhance their business.

So, let’s get right to the facts and rip this comp plan apart.

Best MLM Compensation Plan

Let’s explore the ins and out of how you get paid:

  • You can literally experience a 100% return on your investment in just 1 sale (cray cray), then instantly enter into the land of PROFITS. Especially, if you join forces with a sponsor who is ready to train you 1-on-1 on how you can be having conversations with FREE leads who actually want to talk with you, and not vice versa. Check it our for yourself by clicking right here.
  • You can bank 100% paychecks across the board on the ENTIRE product line EXCEPT The Masters Course, where you still crush it with a $3,000 payday.
  • You can’t earn a single dime on products you don’t own. So you may not purchase lower tier items and bring in $3,000 commissions to the higher tier products.
  • Commissions are deposited straight from the client into YOUR digital wallet. You’re provided with the electronic wallet upon signup with Empower.
  • You send up to your sponsor, or the next qualified affiliate above you- your 2nd, 4th and 6th sale of EVERY product (NOT each sale), and every 5th sale of EVERY product thereafter. It means you basically make and keep 80% of everything you sell.
  • On the signups that you send up the ladder, that new affiliate’s sales won’t go to you. That paycheck will go to whomever you passed them up to. Now remember, it only for each product.
  • If you DON’T own a product, and you make a sale for this product, the commission rolls to your sponsor.

So ladies and gentlemen, those are the cold, hard FACTS.

Now let’s step away from stats for just a bit, and take a deeper look into what is downright awesome about this comp plan.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Update: This post may not have the latest or correct information, because I can’t possibly keep up with all the updates.  So…  always visit the official Empower Network Compensation Plan page to get the official, up-to-date info!

First of all, you have the ability to make bank straight out of the gate.

You can recoup your investment within the first few hours, and be in profit mode.

And when you make a sale… the money is YOURS!!!

Which is commissions out of the Wazoo! I’m talking about $4,625 for just one sale of ALL products… And this is a daily occurrence!

And that’s just on the front end of the stick… the $25 and $100 sales are residual. Woot woot!

In the event that you only manage to make a total of 50 sales… that would come out to over $5k in monthly income.

And with items ranging from $25-$3,500… you can sell them to any level of business owner and entrepreneur.

So let’s take a quick look back.

You can hit the ground running… to the tune of $4,625 for only one sale… enjoy the paydays of around $125 in residual income with just one sale… and with low priced to high priced products, you can market to any business owner or entrepreneur.

Bada-bing… Bada-boom!

Now, for all this one sided talk is their a downside?

Absolutely. I won’t sugarcoat it.

In fact, I’ll tell it like it is- there’s actually two drawbacks.

Let’s start with what blows, but won’t make or break you.

And that’s the green and purple and pink elephant in the room- pass up sales.

There’s no two ways about it, pass up sales hurt.

They hurt your pockets and they hurt your emotions.

Whether you’re making $10,000+ every single month.

Or if you’re still on the verge of collecting your first few sales.

Any money that is dangled in front of you, but then kicked up above you is straight up whack.

But, there is most definitely a bright side.

And it’s a two-sided monster.

For starters, you will be the recipient of pass up sales.

So, you can literally be lounging out on a beach in the middle of the Caribbean Islands, and get an email that says, you just earned $3,500 from a pass up sale.

How sweet would that be!

And let’s keep it real. The only way the Empower Network Compensation Plan can pay out 100% is by installing this pass up system.

Look, if pass up sales are the only nightmare this comp plan has, then sign me up for it everyday of the week.

Because what goes around, comes around.

And it may stink when you have to pass up a nice payday.

But when you get that inbox with a big ol’ commission attached to it, you’ll smile bigger than ever before.

Now, I promised there was another part that wasn’t so tasty.

The truth of the matter is, that about 97% of Empower Network affiliates fail.

They don’t get to enjoy this comp plan.

Sorry to throw a wrench into the mix, but I have to warn you.

Now in all fairness, Empower Network fully discloses their annual income statistics for all of their reps.

And in actuality, the percentage of affiliates who make money, and at the level they earn, is higher than other network marketing companies.

But none the less, even if you put lipstick on a pig, as well as a nice beautiful prom dress.

At the end of the day, it’s still a pig.

Same with the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

So why do 97% fail, and only 3% succeed?

It’s the same across the board with any MLM, or for that matter, with any sales and marketing business.

You need a steady supply of leads to speak with.

And not just any old leads.

I’m talking about targeted and high-quality leads.

Otherwise you’re just kicking your tires day in and day out.

Those who succeed, have a large supply of leads to talk with.

Those who fail, spend the majority of their time looking for leads to speak with.

And truth is, there are vast amounts of marketing methods to acquire leads.

But most cost thousands and thousands of dollars monthly to produce a positive result.

And that’s what most of the top income earners keep hidden.

Yes, they do make over $100k each month, but the majority of that isn’t profit.

They’re spending around $50k-$75k in advertising to produce that income.

Now, to be fair, that’s the definition of business- spending money to make money.

But, the majority of new marketers don’t have the advertising budget of these big wigs.

So, how does a newbie get the same leads as the top dawgs without it costing them an arm and a leg?

The answer is simple- get your blog/site ranked on the first page of Google.

When you do- game over!

Because no matter where in the world you are…

No matter what you are doing…

And whether or not you have an advertising budget…

None of it matters.

Because it doesn’t cost a dime to get ranked on the first page of Google and take full advantage of the Best MLM Compensation Plan.

And in reality, the quality of these leads are better, because they’re searching for you, instead of you searching for them.

So, how does one get ranked on the first page of Google?

Especially with so much competition?

Again, the answer is easier than Madonna on a casting couch in the mid 90’s.

Just click here, and learn step-by-step for 100% free, how to strategically place your business opportunity, products and services on the 1st page of Google.

That’s when you can sit back, relax and collect huge paychecks.

Ya dig?!

And if you have any questions about the Empower Network Compensation Plan, just drop me a line below in the comments.

Your MLM Compensation Plan Coach,

Ken Mabry

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