Blogging For Profits

I have a quick riddle I think you’re going to fall in love with.

What do purple cows, online groupies, and dead presidents have in common?!

Give up, or are you thirsty for more?!

Blogging For Profit

That’s the straight up truth. (read on to get the riddle…)

I’m spilling the beans about a blog that stands out amongst it’s peers in cyber space.

A blog that is so unique, and so compelling, that it’s considered the mecca of online sites.

I’m talking about creating a blog with over 100k loyal subscribers who want to hear what you have to say everyday.

Now, I know the blueprint that I’m about to toss your way is in direct contrast to what all the self proclaimed gurus tell you to do.

But please realize this- they’re all about fattening their own pockets and not yours.

So, let’s get started right away so you can make it rain commissions.

Blogging For Profits

From breaking news, to celebrity gossip, to sports, to trending YouTube videos, and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo.

…that’s the nonsense these “gurus” are instructing their followers to blog about.

Well I’ve had enough, and I call FOUL.

Flagrant Foul actually.

And don’t get me wrong… can you get a few leads and make a couple sales from this method? Well, EVENTUALLY.

But for the same token, you can pick up the yellow pages, and call the thousands of people who are listed and pitch them your products and services…

And EVENTUALLY you will make a sale or two.

BOTH are like finding a needle in a haystack… and I don’t know about you, but I’m not down to wait for EVENTUALLY to roll around.

From personal experience, and the building of over 70 niche blogs, and hustling everything from car seats for the kiddies to new fad diet plans…

If you want to be a GENERAL blogger… be prepared to be a BROKE blogger.

Lemme’ break it down.

In the real world of online marketing, all traffic isn’t created equal.

While blogging about Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy has the potential to bring some visitors to your site…

Do you think any of them will be in the frame of mind to buy whatever it is that you’re selling?

Or even care about what you’re selling?

Not a chance!

From years of ripping the hair out of my head in frustration, because my sites had more traffic than ever before, but no one was buying…

Allow me to save you much heartache and many sleepless night with this guidance…


If I keep harping on the same facts, please forgive me, but there is a REASON for it.

It’s not about the amount of leads you are getting, but whether or not those leads will ever buy from you.

And in the same breath, it’s not about the amount of traffic you have flowing to your website, but whether or not it’s targeted traffic for your niche.

I don’t know about you, but I’m blogging to take care of my family and give them an amazing lifestyle.

And hoping and praying doesn’t put food on the table or pay the bills.

So, if you’ve been blogging about utter randomness because your sponsor told you to…

Or if you’re new to the game and considering blogging… let this be YOUR WAKE UP CALL.

I’m gonna walk you through step by step on EXACTLY how I went about building my blog.

To be one of the most popular blogs in all of cyber space.

So grab a pen and some paper, and in the words of Van Wilder, “Write that down.”

And full disclosure here, this formula is for 6-figure blogging secrets for ANY niche.

So without further ado…

Blogging For Profits Step #1: Jack Up Your Product

This is where Captain Obvious sticks his head in the middle of things.

And if you’re not doing this right now, you best jump on this train asap.

The key here, is to tailor your ENTIRE blog around the specific product you are selling.

If you go off on a tangent, then you can kiss those Benjamins goodbye (and it’s all about those dead presidents baby!)  …and yeah, I know, Ben was never a president-  I got a “C” in US History…

So, you’re going to want to blog about (and get ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the major search engines for)…

The product name, the product author or creator, your product review, is your product legit, and so on and so forth.

Jack up your product by blogging about every keyword possible.

So let’s use this shindig that you’re on as an example.

As if you didn’t already know, I am one of the top bloggers for the Empower Network.

I blog about everything EN, so my blog posts are…

… Empower Network

… Empower Network Review

… Empower Network Compensation Plan

… Empower Network Products

… Empower Network Affiliate Program

… David Wood Empower Network

… Dave Sharpe Empower Network

Basically, I blog about anything and everything a potential BUYER might enter into the search bar in Google.

When you use this strategy, you become the Go-To Authority for your opportunity, product or service.

Because for starters, you’re laser focused on BUYERS and not tire kickers.

And when a BUYER clicks on your site, reads your posts and wants more information (they always do)…

They won’t have to leave your site, because all the info they need is right there in front of them with just a few clicks of the mouse.

You NEED to make your site a warm and cozy home for your visitors.

Where they can kick back, relax and spend their time getting all of their questions answered.

No need for them to look at this site or that site. They will have everything they need right in front of them to make a decision.

This is the quickest and most efficient blogging method to put big ol’ commissions into your bank account.


I knew it was too good to be true. Why’d you have to go and throw the “B” word up in here?!

Their is of course a downside to this strategy.

I’m talking about- competition and ceiling.

If you’re already a 6-figure blogger, then you are currently using this strategy.

And if you are, you know their is a whole lot of competition for these product and opportunity based keywords.

This make getting prime time real estate on the first page of Google a little difficult.

And, depending on your product or opportunity, there is a ceiling to the amount of people searching for it, thus a ceiling to the amount of cash you can bank.

In laymen terms- there is a limit to the amount of monthly searches for “Empower Network” and “Empower Network Review” or whatever variation there is.

So even if you are chilling out on the first page of Google, sooner or later you will plateau.

Now the good news is, that for opportunities and life transforming products like here at the Empower Network…

The search volume is incredibly high, and rising every month… and there is more than enough pieces of this pie for everyone to be satisfied.

So, here are some final pearls of wisdom.

If you’re blogging about “movements” like the Empower Network, you’re good to go and will NEVER run out of traffic and BUYERS.

But if you’re blogging about products and opportunities with smaller search volume…

Make your blog the Go-To Authority for everything about your product… and then make the “business decision” to represent another product and do the same.

And rinse and repeat as many times as you like, and for as many products as you like…

And you will build multiple streams of blogging income.

So now that we got step 1 out of the way, lets keep it moving.

Blogging For Profits Step #2: Kick The Kool Aid To The Curb

I don’t know about you, but I HATE hype.

I HATE sleazy marketers who push nothing but their opinions, and make their opportunity and products sound like it is GUARANTEED to make you rich.

And in reality, the more they bark, the less money they’ve probably made.

This is because in today’s world, BUYERS can smell BS from a mile away.

When they see this stuff, they click the back button fast, and will NEVER view that site again.

Let this be a lesson learned.

Sipping on the Kool Aid is for enjoying a refreshing drink, not to getting others to sign up with you.

More and more BUYERS are looking to the internet to get as much information as possible before they buy.

According to statistics, most people don’t buy until they’ve looked over at least 7 different pieces of information about a product first.

And as Authority Bloggers, we can use this to our advantage.

Let the other smoke and mirror marketers do their thang…

And we can reap the reward as they leave them and come to us.

In step 1, we went over how to create a virtual haven for buyers to come to and get hooked up with everything they need.

A blog where they can come, and get the 7 pieces of information they need to make a decision without leaving our site.

Now it’s time to build it.

And we do this first by giving the stone cold facts.

Remember, blogging is a business. And it has to be treated as such.

Sure, it’s way more fun than any business I know, and the perks are amazing, but it still needs to be treated professionally.

If you look around my site, I leave my opinion about the Empower Network where it belongs- with myself.

And I deliver the facts. Because, not only do I think it is the ethical thing to do…

But from a business standpoint, I know that if I don’t, my visitors are going to go elsewhere for them.

And once they leave your site because they’re unsatisfied, do you think they’re going to venture back around to it in the future.

Possibly one in a thousand will, but everyone else will stay far away.

Think about it like this, have you ever ate a restaurant for the first time, left unsatisfied and then went back?

Probably not. Or here’s a better example for us adults who aren’t scared of grown men and women language…

Have you ever had sex with someone that just downright sucked, and then stayed in a long-term relationship with them?

I sure hope not. Because, satisfying sex and romance are important to a healthy relationship.

Just like TRUST is important to building a business relationship with your leads.

And you build trust through giving them what they want- the FACTS.

Now… and let me make this clear, you absolutely can throw around talk about income and success…

But ONLY if you can back it up with proof.

You have to be transparent and show them documentation (checks, your back office, etc.).

And NEVER GUARANTEE anyone success. Sure, if they follow step by step instructions like I am giving here they will achieve results.

But you can’t guarantee they will get off of their butts and take action. So NEVER guarantee results.

A’ight… so we just laid the foundation for building your Go-To Authority Blog for your product and opportunity.

Now, let’s dress it up real nice so BUYERS can come and see.

Blogging For Profits Step #3: Remove Their Pain & Give Them The Solution

These are some ninja blogging secrets that’ll turn your visitors into BUYERS real quick.

As I stated earlier, you have to spoon feed your traffic the facts. But, you can’t go about it in a robotic way.

Every blog post MUST identify the pain your visitor is in, and then offer them the solution.

Any Sales Guru, from Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy to John Maxwell, will tell you that removing pain is the single most important factor that causes a prospect to pull out their wallet and buy.

And please take notice how I didn’t insert the word “pleasure”.

Think about it like this…

Would you be more likely to pull out your wallet, right there on the spot, and purchase a miracle lotion, that has been factually proven to clear up the exact, nasty and embarrassing rash that you developed on your hands?

Or a lotion that’s advertised as making your hands completely moisturized, fresh and healthy.

“Hmmm… I’ll take 4 of Product A and pronto tonto!”

It may sound a little fuzzy, but it’s absolutely true that we are more inclined to remove whatever pain we have, than to increase our pleasure.

“Okay Ken, I get it, I’m the same way. But what on God’s green earth does this have to do with selling Empower Network?”

Ahhh, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Young grasshopper, I am talking about just that: in each of your blog posts, identify the pain of your visitor and then offer them the solution.

Let’s take my visitors for example.

They aren’t interested in the Empower Network because it’s the greatest opportunity in the world. They honestly couldn’t care less.

They’re interested because it’s a vehicle that can solve one of their many pains, such as:

… getting out of debt

… quitting the job that they hate

… spending time with their significant others and their children

… saving their marriage (if the beef is about the finances)

… how to avoid their house going into foreclosure

… how to prevent going bankrupt

Those are just a few of the many. But these problems all share one common theme- they suck and they’re painful to experience.

This is how you connect with your buyer… and then you offer them the solution.

Now let me say this, and I truly mean this.

DO NOT offer some crappy product that does not deliver results.

Make sure your opportunity or product is both legitimate and proven to deliver results.

Otherwise, you’re just a scam artist, and sooner or later your reputation will bite you in your behind, and you will NEVER be able to build a successful blog again…

Because your name + scam will be plastered all over the first pages of Google for anyone searching for it.

So, to circle back around… identify the pain your visitors are experiencing and offer your products and opportunity as the solution.

Take for example this blog post you’re reading.

You’re here for because you want to learn how to blog for profits.

So, I offered you a solution- My EXACT 3 step blogging formula for 100% FREE.

And I didn’t even offer Empower Network or their products as the solution.

I gave you this formula for free. That’s what I offered as the solution.

This is why I am successful, and this is how you are going to be successful.

In the 2013 and 2014 world of blogging, it’s all about giving the top of the line information to your visitors.

Anything less is unsatisfactory.

Now, sure I can do this, because I have the expertise to do so.

But I only got this expertise from the products I bought.

So if you’re reppin’ a product, don’t just sell it, consume it yourself.

And then offer the information to your visitors free of charge.

This is not only how you make sales, but this is how you gain followers or as I like to call them “online groupies.”

They follow every blog post, they watch every video and they buy every product…

All because they trust you, and they are living proof that your methods work.

And that is how you build a business that will pay you for years and years to come, because people do not buy from you just for the products…

And they do not partner up with you just because of the opportunity.

They join YOU, because they know that with you they can live an amazing lifestyle.

So follow all three steps I’ve given you, and you’ll be that Leader in your niche that everyone turns to for advice.

So time to wrap this up and recap…

Blogging For Profits

Step #1 is to create a blog that has to do with EVERYTHING regard your product and opportunity.

Step #2 is to build your blog around the facts and not your opinion.

Step #3 is to write about the solution to your prospects pain.

And that’s all she wrote, or in my case, all he wrote.

It’s really this simple, you just have to take action on it.

Is there a missing piece to this puzzle?

Not entirely. But sorta yes. And you can discover it for yourself by clicking here.

It will take you to a free tutorial that lays out a few more direct steps you can do, to make sure your entire blog and your blog posts end up on the first page of Google.

And ladies and gentlemen that is it.

Success online is simple. It’s not about pushing a shiny red button and then everything you ever wanted will come true…

or paying $19.99 for some ebook that will unlock the door to financial freedom after you’re done reading.

Success online (and offline as well) is all about giving value. That’s the SECRET.

So I hope this helps all of you. If you have any questions, or want to chat, drop a comment below and I will answer you shortly there after.

And if you take my 3 step plan and use it, let me know your results.

And again, to get the fine tuned details of this blogging system, just click here.

Your Blogging For Profits Coach,

Ken Mabry

How to Start a Blog – Part 1

Since a great many of you out there don’t know how to start a blog, I’m gonna walk you through it in a series of posts.

FYI, I’m gonna assume here that you’ve already read up on how to pick the niche for your blog and you know what product or company you’re gonna be promoting.

I recommend you set up your own domain right off the bat.  Sure, you can go with one of those freebie blog sites like,, etc., but you really want to start establishing your own brand as soon as you can.

So, let’s get your domain on…

How to Start a Blog – Step 1

I’m gonna use a really off-the-wall example for my sample blog site.  Let’s say, um… we’ll set up a blog about alien abductions.

Pay attention…  This is a test, you know…  if you’ve been a good student and read up on what you should be blogging about, you should’ve been smackin’ your monitor and yelling “How the hell am I gonna make money off of that?!?” or you should’ve at least been thinking it…  right?

But for now, just humor me, and we’ll just pretend that aluminum foil hats and probe-resistant undies are HOT and sellin’ for big bucks right now…

So, I’m gonna haul my butt over to Hostgator and set up my new domain.  You can use your favorite hosting provider if you want, but Hostgator has been great for me and their customer support is awesome.

I’ve negotiated a special 25% discount coupon for my readers, so if you go with Hostgator, make sure you enter the coupon code “longtail25” at checkout.  The discount only applies to hosting plans.

Next, click on the “Domains” tab and type in your domain name choice name to see if it’s available.

Hostgator Domain Selection

Awesome! is totally available. go figure!

Hostgator Domain Search result

Now you need to add a hosting plan.  A hosting plan is the engine under the hood of your domain.  It’s gonna give you a server to host your blog and store your files.

You can start out with the smallest plan and you’ll probably be just fine.  I tend to hoard domain names, so I have the Baby plan.  It lets me tack on as many domains to my account as I want.

Select Hostgator Plan

Don’t forget to enter the coupon code “longtail25” at checkout.  Not getting 25% off would be sucky.

Go ahead and enter your billing details, billing cycle, address, etc, etc.

Make sure you see your 25% discount reflected in the final price before you fork over that credit card info.

Submit it, then wait a little while for the Hostgator elves to work their magic.  You’ll get an email from them with your login info once you’re set.

How to Start a Blog – Step 2

Once you get your setup confirmation email, click on the link to access your account and let’s get logged into your cPanel.  This is where you’re gonna control the inner-working of your website.

Set up an E-mail Account

Now we’re gonna get you set up with your very own little email account.   Look for the “Email Accounts” icon in the Mail category and click that bad boy.

Go ahead and type in your email address.    You’ll see your domain in the pull down list.  For our example, we’d see

I’d type in something like ‘admin’, ‘ken’, ken.mabry’, or  something else that makes sense for me and my site.

Pick your password, pick your storage quota (max mailbox size), and click “create account”.

Set up WordPress (your blogging platform)

Pop back to the main cPanel page, and now you’re gonna scroll down to the Software/Services section and click on “QuickInstall”

When QuickInstall launches, look to the left and expand “Blog Software” and click on “Wordpress.”  Then click “Continue.”

Now, just fill out the form:

If you want the blog to be the main thing your visitors see when they visit your site, just make sure your domain is selected in the pulldown box and leave the area after the “/” blank.

I’d go ahead and select “Auto Upgrades”

Admin e-mail:  the email address you just created (or another if you prefer).

Blog Title:  <Whatever you want to appear at the top of your blog>  –It’s easy to change this later

Admin user:  “admin”

First Name:  “Your first name”

Last Name:  “Last Name”

Click “Install Now”  and then on the next screen, click on “Finish Installation”.

You’re almost done!

Once your blog is installed, you can access is at

Access your blog’s admin area at  –you’ll wanna bookmark this

In the next How to Start a Blog post, we’ll go over how to customize your WordPress install so you can get busy bloggin’.

Until then!

Ken Mabry

What should I blog about?

OK, boys and girls.

You have a blog, but what the heck are you supposed to do with it? You’re probably wondering “What should I blog about?”

…and you’re probably going to hear from a lot of people that it doesn’t matter what you blog about.

“Just BLOG.”

“…and blog daily.”

Well… if only it were that simple.

Part of that advice is golden, you absolutely need to blog Every. Single. Day. and follow your mentor’s advice.

But… that alone is not going to get you that massive amount of traffic you’ll need to start profiting from your blog. You see, the key to making money from your blog is getting people to your site that are right on the verge of pulling out their credit cards and buying your product.

You need targeted, qualified leads… people that are gonna convert into buyers of your products.

If you’re just blogging about any ol’ thing under the sun, then how do you expect Google to start recognizing you as an expert on what you’re teachin’ -n- preachin’?.

If your posts ramble on with topics like:

  • How I Make the Best Greek Chicken on Earth
  • My Top Ten Strategies for Ranking on the First Page of Google
  • Why My Cat is Smarter than your 5th Grader

Don’t be surprised when your posts are ranking on page 10 of Google after 6 long months of hard work.

What Should I Blog About?

If you wanna rank on Google, you need to convince them your site is an authority on your particular topic. You’re not gonna do that if you ramble on about whatever just pops into your head.

You need to consider TWO major factors as you answer that question “What should I blog about?”

Major Factor Number 1:

Pick a topic, a niche. Ideally it’ll be something that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. If you enjoy writing about something—the odds are much higher that you’ll stick to it and provide great content for your readers.

Now, there are a couple of catches here. If your passion is, let’s say, dog training, and you decide to create a blog about it, you’re gonna be up against some serious competition.

The problem is your choice in keywords. If you go generic, like with “dog training” the monthly search volume on Google is gonna be RIDICULOUS. That means there’s gonna be a TON of big players out there targeting that keyword—and quite frankly, you, as a little guy, don’t stand a chance.

A keyword like “dog training” is what we in the biz call a “core” or “head” keyword. They’re almost impossible to rank for—at least in the short term. If you want your blog showing up on Google page 1, then you need to specialize.

You need to go after what we call “long tail keywords.” So, instead of “dog training” maybe write a few posts that target the keyword “train your dog to play dead” or “how to train a dog to poop on command.” Get the idea?

With long tail keywords, the search volume is gonna be lower—but so will your competition. You’ll have a better chance of getting eyeballs on your website this way. Now, since your search volume is lower, you’ll need to start targeting other long tail keywords that revolve around your core/seed keyword. Start getting creative, look at other variations on dog training. You may only get 100-200 visitors a month for a particular keyword, but this is completely expected. The secret to your success will be VOLUME. You’ll identify several long tail keywords and write your blog posts around those.

Not getting that warm fuzzy feeling yet? Think about this: You identify 40 long tail keywords related to your niche. You do your research and see that competition is low-to-moderate so you should be able to rank on page 1 of Google in just a few weeks or days. You write an SEO (search engine optimized) blog post around each keyword. …and before you know it, each one is getting between 200-400 hits each month. With 40 posts, that’s up to 16,000 visitors a month, and those are HIGHLY targeted prospects… Readers ready to buy exactly what you’re selling.

So again, you’ll need to do research on your competition. Find out which keyword combinations you have a chance in hell of ranking for and which ones will totally suck away your time and leave you zilch to show for it. There are quite a few tools out there you can use for this. The ace up my sleeve for this is a program called Long Tail Pro (LTP). I’ll dive into how I use LTP in a later post—just keep checking back here and I’ll update this page with a link.

Major Factor Number 2:

Choose a niche you can monetize with a particular product.  I know it seems ass-backwards, but you should already have a product in mind.

What does this mean? It means that not all blog topics are gonna make you money.

It’s probably going to tougher to monetize a blog that gives out free casserole recipes than a blog that’s discussing German Shepherd Dog allergy and skin problems.

Think about it.

Why is this person reading your blog?

Readers that have a pet with health problems are DESPERATELY looking for a solution to their problem—that’s where you come in with a product or service. After you’ve totally mesmerized your reader with your awesome knowledge, you’ve built up a certain level of trust. That reader is now likely to follow your recommendations and purchase a product from you that fills their need.

Now, I’m quite sure that you’d also be able to monetize a casserole blog, but I could almost guarantee you that it’s not gonna be nearly as easy–simply because someone looking for how to bake the perfect casserole probably isn’t DESPERATE to find out how. Get it? 🙂 You wanna attract people who are HUNGRY to buy your product—not hungry to eat a casserole. Lame…  yes.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I’ll cover more related topics in later posts. Keep an eye out for future posts on:

  • Schedule for success
  • Keyword research techniques
  • SEO – Ranking on Google Page 1

Until then, thanks for reading and come back soon!

Your blogging guide,

Ken Mabry

Get Paid to Blog – How Do Bloggers Make Money?

So you’ve got mad writing skillz, and you can blog till the cows come home.

You consider yourself an artist, and can take any topic of interest and bang out a 1,500 word article in under 2 hours that will have NY Times Best Selling Authors giving you props.

But you got all the talent and the world, and your pockets are full of nothing but lint.

And you are dying for the opportunity to know, how you can Get Paid To Blog.

Well, it just so happens that I’m the Batman of the blogging world.

No, I’m not delusional, and no I don’t have any twisted superhero fantasies.

I honestly respect the dude. Bro doesn’t have any crazy superpowers. He’s just a regular person.

And he has a utility belt full of various methods to just crush his enemies.

I feel the same exact way about myself.

I’m just a regular dude who has an arsenal of income streams where I Get Paid To Blog.

You see, most bloggers out there believe that they should be a master of just one skill, and then monetize just that specific skill.

Personally, I think that’s bananas.

I believe in the theory of being a jack of all trades… as well as a master of all trades.

If you’ve been blogging for at least a few months, then you know that the rules and regulations of the internet shift faster than Jeff Gordon at the Daytona 500.

One blogging method may make you $3,000 this month, and then be absolutely forbidden to do the next.

That’s why if you put all of your eggs in one basket, you’re going to end up with a spoiled omelet.

On the flip side, if you learn various methods to capitalize on your blogging skills, and a few of them get kicked to the curb for whatever reason, you’re still flying high.

And let’s be real, repetition is the mother of all skill.

So, the more times you perform a method, the more of a master you will be.

And in this case, you will be a master of many trades.

Now before I list these 6 blogging income streams, you have to make a deal with yourself.

If you want to get paid to blog, you have to take action. Plain and simple.

You can’t read this article and then magically dollar bills will be raining from the sky.

You have to learn and then apply. And to be honest, I know that over 90% won’t. And I hope, that you’re in the 10% that do.

You see, everyone from me to you, to our friends and families, to the President of the United States.

Everyone on God’s green earth is fearful of uncertainty.

We avoid it like we would avoid a one legged elephant hopping down our street. That would be crazy.

And blogging for profits is uncertainty’s best friend.

We have no idea what can or will happen, and as a result our mind’s are racing with hundreds of different outcomes every minute.

It’s natural. It’s how we are built.

The key is not to be scared by it. The secret is to embrace it, accept it, and take action in spite of it.

You may not see profits for a few weeks. Heck, you may not see profits for a few months.

But, I promise you this. If you stay true, and blog for 12 months straight, and utilize these income streams, your paycheck will be the bomb diggity.

So, with out further ado, here’s how to become a blogging king or queen, and make some serious bank.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #1- Pimp Out Google AdSense

This is how us professional bloggers get down right dirty with Google and pimp her out.

Google will pay you fat stacks for the traffic you have coming to your site. And it doesn’t cost you a dime or a penny.

They have business owners and entrepreneurs in their back pocket, who are willing to pay big money every time someone lands on their site.

So, with your permission, Google will strategically place ad banners all over your site.

And when your visitors click on the banner, they pay you a fixed dollar amount.

Sometimes the pay you as little as a few cents. But sometimes they pay you as much as $10 per click.

It really depends on who your visitors are.

And before you give Google the green light to start placing ads, they will tell you what you get paid per click.

And I know this may sound a lil’ scuzzy or you may look at it as selling out. I’ve had these thoughts too.

But at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself whether you’re blogging to make a living, or if you’re blogging just for fun.

If you’re blogging to make money, put your business hat on and bite the bullet.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #2- Reppin’ Affiliate Programs

This is my absolute bread and butter.

The key here is to know your traffic better than anyone else.

You need to know their hot buttons and what makes them tick.

More importantly, you need to know their pain, and then in return, offer them a valuable product that is the solution to their misery.

And instead of representing just any old product to make a quick buck.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you choose a big ticket affiliate product that pays you thousands of dollars per sale.

This is the secret to blogging fame and fortune.

Because if you’re a real deal blogger, and you have built a loyal following of readers, then they trust you and will buy anything that you recommend.

So, would you rather recommend a product that pays you $5-$15 per sale…

Or would you prefer to offer your readers a product that will bring them immense value and pay you at least $1,000 per sale?

The answer is too obvious to state. And here’s an example to drive home my point.

My blog is dedicated to teaching bloggers how to make at least $100k within the next 12 months.

I offer step by step blueprints on how to go from $0-$100k/year very efficiently. And they’re absolutely free.

I offer a ton of value to all of my readers, who can take what they just learned, apply and make some serious paychecks.

So, in turn my readers trust me and are open to my suggestions.

Hypothetically, I could offer them an e-book of some sort that will add a few hundred dollars to their income every month.

But honestly, I’d prefer to do that for free.

So, what I do is offer them an affiliate product that could make them 6-figures/year on top of what they are already making from my methods.

And I bank up to $4,625 each time I sell this product.

And my readers trust me enough to buy this product. All because I have an established relationship with them.

If you want to learn how you can represent a product that can make you up to $4,625 per sale, then click here.

And on top of just selling them a higher tier priced product, I let them know that I will donate a certain percentage of my commissions to charity.

That hooks them, because not only are they receiving value with the product, they also know that their money is going to help others as well.

And before we move on, let me be stern with you.

Don’t offer your readers just any old product so you can make alot of money. That’s being a slimeball.

Offer them a product that you are certain can add immense value to them, their business or both.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #3- Ride The E-Book Train

Now I know I sound like a walking contradiction. But lemme’ explain.

E-books are a terrific income stream and a great way to capitalize on your traffic.

Having said that, do not let them be your primary income stream.

Their profit margins are too small, and the refund rate is incredibly high.

Use e-books to make a supplemental income only.

And if you are a smart blogger, and are reppin’ a big ticket affiliate program, the truth of the matter is, that a large percentage of your readers won’t buy.

It’s not because they don’t trust you. They absolutely do. Their pockets are just empty.

So, instead of letting those readers fall to the wayside, offer them something that is affordable to them.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #4- Billboard It Up

This is how you add fuel to the fire.

For income stream #1, we are letting Google pimp our ride with ads where we get paid for every click.

With this method, you eliminate the middle man from the equation, and let advertisers pay you directly for posting their banners on your site.

So, instead of getting paid per click. You get paid a flat fee every month for letting that business owner rent ad space on your blog.

Cha Ching!

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #5- Rock Amazon

Now this income stream is like supplemental income on steroids.

It’s so indirect and not in your face, that your readers will just buy and not think twice.

So, you have your big ticket affiliate product laid out for them to buy.

And you’re offering a valuable e-book.

Here’s how you become the one stop shop for your readers.

Offer them physical and tangible products based on their needs.

And do it so discretely that they have no idea you even make a profit from them.

For example, if like me, your readers are people looking to make money blogging…

Well, first off they need a computer. Boom! Throw up a banner for a laptop or a Macbook Air.

Depending on who the reader is, they may need a desk to sit the computer on. Boom! Another banner goes up.

And rinse and repeat for physical products that you think will add value to your readers.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #6- Coach Of The Year Services

Now this depends specifically on your readers profile. For some niches you can do this easily.

For others, there’s no point.

This income stream is designed to bring additional value to your readers in the form of 1-on-1 coaching.

If like me you are teaching people how to make money using a specific skill, you in turn can offer coaching to speed up and increase their success rate.

However, if your niche is dog walking. Don’t even bother, unless you have the ability to teach your readers how to become a dog whisperer.

And those are my top 6 methods for transforming your blog into a cash cow.

You’re making money by bringing tremendous value to your readers.

Everybody wins and everyone walks away happy.

If you have any questions about any of these income streams, or you want to chat it up, just drop a comment below and I will lead you to the promised land.

Your Blogging Guru,

Ken Mabry

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