Get Paid to Blog – How Do Bloggers Make Money?

So you’ve got mad writing skillz, and you can blog till the cows come home.

You consider yourself an artist, and can take any topic of interest and bang out a 1,500 word article in under 2 hours that will have NY Times Best Selling Authors giving you props.

But you got all the talent and the world, and your pockets are full of nothing but lint.

And you are dying for the opportunity to know, how you can Get Paid To Blog.

Well, it just so happens that I’m the Batman of the blogging world.

No, I’m not delusional, and no I don’t have any twisted superhero fantasies.

I honestly respect the dude. Bro doesn’t have any crazy superpowers. He’s just a regular person.

And he has a utility belt full of various methods to just crush his enemies.

I feel the same exact way about myself.

I’m just a regular dude who has an arsenal of income streams where I Get Paid To Blog.

You see, most bloggers out there believe that they should be a master of just one skill, and then monetize just that specific skill.

Personally, I think that’s bananas.

I believe in the theory of being a jack of all trades… as well as a master of all trades.

If you’ve been blogging for at least a few months, then you know that the rules and regulations of the internet shift faster than Jeff Gordon at the Daytona 500.

One blogging method may make you $3,000 this month, and then be absolutely forbidden to do the next.

That’s why if you put all of your eggs in one basket, you’re going to end up with a spoiled omelet.

On the flip side, if you learn various methods to capitalize on your blogging skills, and a few of them get kicked to the curb for whatever reason, you’re still flying high.

And let’s be real, repetition is the mother of all skill.

So, the more times you perform a method, the more of a master you will be.

And in this case, you will be a master of many trades.

Now before I list these 6 blogging income streams, you have to make a deal with yourself.

If you want to get paid to blog, you have to take action. Plain and simple.

You can’t read this article and then magically dollar bills will be raining from the sky.

You have to learn and then apply. And to be honest, I know that over 90% won’t. And I hope, that you’re in the 10% that do.

You see, everyone from me to you, to our friends and families, to the President of the United States.

Everyone on God’s green earth is fearful of uncertainty.

We avoid it like we would avoid a one legged elephant hopping down our street. That would be crazy.

And blogging for profits is uncertainty’s best friend.

We have no idea what can or will happen, and as a result our mind’s are racing with hundreds of different outcomes every minute.

It’s natural. It’s how we are built.

The key is not to be scared by it. The secret is to embrace it, accept it, and take action in spite of it.

You may not see profits for a few weeks. Heck, you may not see profits for a few months.

But, I promise you this. If you stay true, and blog for 12 months straight, and utilize these income streams, your paycheck will be the bomb diggity.

So, with out further ado, here’s how to become a blogging king or queen, and make some serious bank.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #1- Pimp Out Google AdSense

This is how us professional bloggers get down right dirty with Google and pimp her out.

Google will pay you fat stacks for the traffic you have coming to your site. And it doesn’t cost you a dime or a penny.

They have business owners and entrepreneurs in their back pocket, who are willing to pay big money every time someone lands on their site.

So, with your permission, Google will strategically place ad banners all over your site.

And when your visitors click on the banner, they pay you a fixed dollar amount.

Sometimes the pay you as little as a few cents. But sometimes they pay you as much as $10 per click.

It really depends on who your visitors are.

And before you give Google the green light to start placing ads, they will tell you what you get paid per click.

And I know this may sound a lil’ scuzzy or you may look at it as selling out. I’ve had these thoughts too.

But at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself whether you’re blogging to make a living, or if you’re blogging just for fun.

If you’re blogging to make money, put your business hat on and bite the bullet.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #2- Reppin’ Affiliate Programs

This is my absolute bread and butter.

The key here is to know your traffic better than anyone else.

You need to know their hot buttons and what makes them tick.

More importantly, you need to know their pain, and then in return, offer them a valuable product that is the solution to their misery.

And instead of representing just any old product to make a quick buck.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you choose a big ticket affiliate product that pays you thousands of dollars per sale.

This is the secret to blogging fame and fortune.

Because if you’re a real deal blogger, and you have built a loyal following of readers, then they trust you and will buy anything that you recommend.

So, would you rather recommend a product that pays you $5-$15 per sale…

Or would you prefer to offer your readers a product that will bring them immense value and pay you at least $1,000 per sale?

The answer is too obvious to state. And here’s an example to drive home my point.

My blog is dedicated to teaching bloggers how to make at least $100k within the next 12 months.

I offer step by step blueprints on how to go from $0-$100k/year very efficiently. And they’re absolutely free.

I offer a ton of value to all of my readers, who can take what they just learned, apply and make some serious paychecks.

So, in turn my readers trust me and are open to my suggestions.

Hypothetically, I could offer them an e-book of some sort that will add a few hundred dollars to their income every month.

But honestly, I’d prefer to do that for free.

So, what I do is offer them an affiliate product that could make them 6-figures/year on top of what they are already making from my methods.

And I bank up to $4,625 each time I sell this product.

And my readers trust me enough to buy this product. All because I have an established relationship with them.

If you want to learn how you can represent a product that can make you up to $4,625 per sale, then click here.

And on top of just selling them a higher tier priced product, I let them know that I will donate a certain percentage of my commissions to charity.

That hooks them, because not only are they receiving value with the product, they also know that their money is going to help others as well.

And before we move on, let me be stern with you.

Don’t offer your readers just any old product so you can make alot of money. That’s being a slimeball.

Offer them a product that you are certain can add immense value to them, their business or both.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #3- Ride The E-Book Train

Now I know I sound like a walking contradiction. But lemme’ explain.

E-books are a terrific income stream and a great way to capitalize on your traffic.

Having said that, do not let them be your primary income stream.

Their profit margins are too small, and the refund rate is incredibly high.

Use e-books to make a supplemental income only.

And if you are a smart blogger, and are reppin’ a big ticket affiliate program, the truth of the matter is, that a large percentage of your readers won’t buy.

It’s not because they don’t trust you. They absolutely do. Their pockets are just empty.

So, instead of letting those readers fall to the wayside, offer them something that is affordable to them.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #4- Billboard It Up

This is how you add fuel to the fire.

For income stream #1, we are letting Google pimp our ride with ads where we get paid for every click.

With this method, you eliminate the middle man from the equation, and let advertisers pay you directly for posting their banners on your site.

So, instead of getting paid per click. You get paid a flat fee every month for letting that business owner rent ad space on your blog.

Cha Ching!

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #5- Rock Amazon

Now this income stream is like supplemental income on steroids.

It’s so indirect and not in your face, that your readers will just buy and not think twice.

So, you have your big ticket affiliate product laid out for them to buy.

And you’re offering a valuable e-book.

Here’s how you become the one stop shop for your readers.

Offer them physical and tangible products based on their needs.

And do it so discretely that they have no idea you even make a profit from them.

For example, if like me, your readers are people looking to make money blogging…

Well, first off they need a computer. Boom! Throw up a banner for a laptop or a Macbook Air.

Depending on who the reader is, they may need a desk to sit the computer on. Boom! Another banner goes up.

And rinse and repeat for physical products that you think will add value to your readers.

Get Paid To Blog Income Stream #6- Coach Of The Year Services

Now this depends specifically on your readers profile. For some niches you can do this easily.

For others, there’s no point.

This income stream is designed to bring additional value to your readers in the form of 1-on-1 coaching.

If like me you are teaching people how to make money using a specific skill, you in turn can offer coaching to speed up and increase their success rate.

However, if your niche is dog walking. Don’t even bother, unless you have the ability to teach your readers how to become a dog whisperer.

And those are my top 6 methods for transforming your blog into a cash cow.

You’re making money by bringing tremendous value to your readers.

Everybody wins and everyone walks away happy.

If you have any questions about any of these income streams, or you want to chat it up, just drop a comment below and I will lead you to the promised land.

Your Blogging Guru,

Ken Mabry

P.S.- If talking about making $4,625 per sale had your heart racing and your spirit jumping, click here, and see how you can make at least 2 of these sales per month… with proof.

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