How To Make Money Blogging

The REAL Story Behind “Get Rich Quick” Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging… Take An Innocent Lil’ Blog From $0-$100k Within The Next 12 Months…

Allow me to set the record straight.

Contrary to what every self proclaimed realist this side of cyber space tries to tell you.

You absolutely CAN get rich quick on the internet.

That’s right. Tell the haters they can shove it.

Now… let me make this perfectly clear, because it’s just as important.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can start a blog from scratch today.

And 12 months later be rolling in dough.

However, it’s NOT easy. It takes hard work and massive amounts of action.

And that’s the primary reason why there are so many non believers and failure stories roaming around online.

99% of people will quit within their first few weeks, because they don’t see any fruits of their labor.

You see, most of us who dream about building a blogging empire, come from a world where we are employees.

And as such, we are used to exchanging our hours and our work for a paycheck.

We’ve never owned a legitimate business, and are unfamiliar with the uncertainty and $0 paydays that come at the beginning of any real venture.

As a result, most throw in the towel in only the first, second or third round.

Never realizing that when building a successful business, the majority of the work is put forth in the beginning with absolutely no results.

And it isn’t till a few months later that the big time rewards are reaped.

Hence, you have thousands upon thousands of spoiled brat marketers claiming that it’s impossible to make money blogging.

Well, if you’re going to quit within the first few months, hell yes it’s impossible.

So, before we get started and I share with you step by step how you can take any blog to a high six figure a year income, I need you to make a COMMITMENT to yourself.

You have to commit yourself to staying the course for the next 12 months and not veer off the path.

That’s the mentality you need to succeed online.

Because, when you live in constant uncertainty, 2 months really seem like 2 years.

And your mind is racing all day, every day. And you can’t get it to stop.

Well, if you’re seriously committed to making over $100k within the next 12 months then you’re going to have to suck it up.

Let me warn you ahead of time- the next 12 months will seem like 12 years, and your mind will be telling you to quit a thousand times everyday.

But, if you’re committed you will keep on moving forward.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if after a few months, you haven’t made any money yet, then you need to bop and weave a lil’ bit.

So, if that’s the case, just come back to this article and drop me a comment letting me know your experiences and I’ll guide you on the right path.

And now that you’re committed to your dreams, let me share with you your blueprint for the next 12 months.

How To Make Money Blogging

Step 1- Big Ticket Blogging

I’ll be frank. Would you rather make $50-$100 per sale, or over $4,500 per sale?

Captain Obvious to the rescue!

A few years ago, when the economy went in the shitter, a hoard of people flocked online to learn how to make money.

The internet became littered with marketers who were willing to sell anything just to make a quick buck.

As a result, the competition to sell products online became ridiculously high.

And with the economy now making a comeback, instead of these marketers transitioning from online to offline again.

They’re sticking their flag in the ground, and staying for the long haul.

So with the competition being extremely stiff, let’s do the math and see which blogging path makes the most sense.

If you want to make $100k/year, with 52 weeks in the year, you would have to hustle to the tune of $1,923 per week.

Now, because some months are longer than others, and February has to be the red headed step child with only 28 or 29 days, on average there is 4.3 weeks in a month.

That means that if you want to sing the song of $100k/year, you have to earn $8,269 per month.

Let’s break down the numbers even further.

If you chose to sell products that yielded a $100 commission, you would need to make a minimum 82.69 sales every month just to make $100k for the year.

That means pushing a whole lot of product. Is it possible? Definitely.

Is it likely? Honestly, chances are slim to none.

Cuz’ first off, to make that many sales each month, you have to represent a product that is in very high demand.

And if an audience is starving for a product that much, please believe that the top bloggers in the world are going to jump all over it.

So there you are, the new kid on the block, competing against NFL type bloggers.

You must be outta your mind if you think you have any shot of beating them out. Won’t happen.

Now let’s say, you represent a product that brings you back a hefty $4,500+ per sale.

To make at least $100k a year, all you have to do is sell is just 2 products per month.

Then it’s game, set, match. You win.

Now to answer the obvious questions, “well where on god’s green earth can we find a product that pays this good, and aren’t there a ton less people who would be willing to buy at such a high price?”

First off, big ticket direct sales is a billion dollar a year industry.

With products ranging from high end travel clubs, to personal development coaching, to health and wealth seminars, etc.

Direct sales is absolutely the bees knees of cashing in big ticket paychecks.

And as bloggers what’s so bad ass about big ticket direct sales, is that there is such low competition.

While everyone else is selling via relationships, or networking, or paying for advertisements or even utilizing social media…

We can blog all day long, and rank on the first page of Google and capture buyers who were already exposed to the product, but are searching for the last bit of information to make them take their credit cards out.

And with respect to the amount of people who would be willing to throw down such a large investment, of course there are less potential buyers.

But, the great thing about this is that you only need to make 2 sales per month. And the rest is gravy baby.

And if you’re catching the knowledge that I’m throwing down, and see the huge dollar signs in big ticket blogging and want to know how to make over $4,500 per sale, then click here.

Let’s keep this training moving.

Step 2- Market Only To Buyers

Would you rather speak to 100 people every month who are interested in buying your product, but aren’t ready to buy just yet…

Or would you prefer to speak to 5 people every month who are foaming at the mouth and have their credit cards in hand?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Captain Obvious again!

Unfortunately, most bloggers who get step 1 correct, fall short here.

They believe in the age old adage, it’s a numbers game. That the more prospects they speak with, the higher chance they have at making a sale.

Well duh! But if they’re not ready to buy, they’re wasting your time.

Because you can speak with 100 prospects every month, and if they’re just kicking the tire, your paycheck is going to reflect it.

That’s why we target BUYERS aka people with credit cards in hand.

So, while every other blogger is writing this article about “______ reviews”, and every other blogger is writing that article about “_____ scam”.

Us 6-figure/year bloggers are writing articles that no one else would think of.

Here are some examples for your arsenal…

… is _____ legit?

… is _____ real or fake?

… _____ complaints

… _____ testimonials

And there are so many more.

Good keyword research is the foundation of any blogging campaign.

Now, let me keep it real.

The reason most bloggers are not targeting these keywords is because the search volume is really low.

I’m talking about anywhere between 50-100 search queries per month.

But again, and let me beat this point into your thick skull. You ONLY need to make 2 sales per month.

Let me show you the numbers, so you see how possible this is.

Let’s say you wrote just 30 articles on your blog and called it a wrap. You decided to never write another article again.

Let’s use 75 search queries as our average, as it’s dead smack in the middle of 50 and 100.

If you’re chillaxing on the 1st page of Google (which if you follow this method you will after just a few weeks because there’s such low competition), that’s 2,250 people searching for your articles every month.

And let’s be extremely conservative, and say that only 3% of those search queries click on your site. That’s 67.5 visitors to your site monthly.

Sounds like crap right. Of course it does. But remember, they’re BUYERS.

They have their wallets out and are waiting for the last piece of information to get them to purchase.

Now, let’s play the conservative numbers game again, and say that only 3% buy your product.

That’s 2.025 sales. That’s $9,000 per month aka $108,000 per year.

And that’s with just 30 articles.

If you up your game, and pound out 60 articles over the course of a year, you’re now at $18,000/month.

I hope your eyeballs are popping out of your skull right about now.

Because, while every other blogger is so focused on traffic, traffic, traffic.

Your focus is on buyers, buyers, buyers.

That’s your blueprint for going from $0-$100k in just 12 months.

And before I set you free and you start blogging away with a certainty of 6-figures.

Let me give you a final step that will increase your sales conversions by at least double, without putting in any extra effort.

Step 3- Offer A Unique Selling Proposition

Using our last example, why did only 2 visitors buy, and 65 chose to look the other way?

I said they were buyers right?

I absolutely did, and chances are that if they didn’t buy from you they will buy from someone else.

First, let’s face facts. Over 75% of your traffic for whatever reason, will always hit the back button.

Perhaps they didn’t vibe with the layout of your blog, or your writing just wasn’t their style, or whatever.

That’s reality folks. The goal is to market to the remaining 25% who do vibe with you and want to buy.

Our law of averages states that at minimum 3% of your visitors will buy from you.

So, how do you influence the remaining 22% to purchase?

It’s really simple. You offer them a unique selling proposition.

The word is a definition in itself and tells it like it is.

You offer them something unique for buying through you, that no one else is offering.

You have to be creative, and I’ll share with you my example.

Now, I’m not enticing you to use it, except if you choose to, but I want you to visually see what I mean.

I represent the Empower Network.

They’re a company that targets business owners and entrepreneurs, and offers them a blogging platform with marketing courses designed to strategically place your blog in front of buyers leveraging various marketing methods.

I make up to $4,625 per sale on the front end… and $125/month in recurring commissions.

So, as my unique selling proposition, I detail to these business owners, that a certain percentage of the sale will be donated to charity.

Successful business owners are by far very generous in nature. They make a ton of money, and they want to give back.

I share the same enthusiasm for charity that they do.

So, I inform them what percentage of my commissions will be donated to charity, and I let them know the charity as well.

I actually created an entire website for it, because the more information they have, the better chance they will buy.

You can check it out for yourself by clicking here, so you can get an idea of what I mean if you choose to do the same.

As a result of this unique selling proposition, my conversion rates are very high.

So, I’m making way more money then without it, and I’m helping build a charity as well.

It’s really a win/win for everyone involved.

And that’s all she wrote. Well, in my case, that’s all he wrote.

There’s your 3 step blueprint for…

How To Make Money Blogging

In step 1, you choose to represent a big ticket direct sales company with high commissions.

And if the most in demand product on the internet for business owners, mixed with $4,625 in commissions sounds like your cup of tea, then click here.

Then in step 2, you targeted buyers and went after lower hanging keyword fruit.

And you finished it off with step 3, where you offered your visitors a reason to buy that separates you from every other blogger on the planet.

That’s how you go from scratch to over $100k blogging in the next 12 months.

And of course, if you have any questions or want clarification on anything, drop a comment below and I’ll hook you up.

And if you take this blueprint and implement it, share with all of us your experiences.

Cheers to making 6-figures every year blogging.

Ken Mabry


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