Make Money Blogging – Choosing Your POP

I don’t know about you, but it ain’t my style to follow what everyone else is doing.

I like to stand out amongst the crowd.

And when it comes to business, uniqueness equals dolla’ dolla’ bills y’all.

So, while everyone and their mother is out creating blogs that are specifically centered around the product and company they represent.  (AKA blogs that are just giant sales pages that make even Captain Obvious lower his head in disappointment.)


The key is to make a purple cow blog, and make your visitors take notice.

So, instead of doing what everyone else is doing, you’re going to strategically target your ideal prospect.

This means identifying the pocket of people (POP) you want to market to, and centering your blog around it.

And I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you choose a pocket of people who you know personally and intimately.

Cuz’ if your going to be stroking your keyboard and writing articles geared towards them, you have to know what makes them tick.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say like me, you choose to represent Empower Network.

And remember this only an example, so tailor this blueprint for your products and services, and for the POP you are blogging for.

Again, the Empower Network products are marketing courses and tools designed to get business owners and entrepreneurs on the 1st page of Google.

So, instead of choosing to target all business owners, you will aim specifically for a niche.

Let’s say you have a sales background. Specifically in real estate.

Your pocket of people is going to be real estate agents.

It’s an excellent POP to blog for, because they are definitely entrepreneurs and if they were on the first page of Google for their local county and state, then their business would blow up!

So, you create your blog specifically for giving massive amounts of free information and value to real estate agents.

You can write about prospecting techniques, how to close more sales, time management skills, client retention, etc.

The point is NOT to sell your product or service to them directly.

Think about it, do you like to be sold? Or do you like to buy?

The answer’s simple- we all hate to be sold, but we love to buy.

So, by providing them free information and free tips to build their businesses, you are building trust with them.

Not only will they read one article, but they will read all of your writings.

And they will tell their buddies who are real estate agents as well, who will in turn become your blog groupies.

This is how you take your blog viral.

Anyways, back to putting cash in your pockets.

So, now you have built trust and a relationship with your ideal prospect.

You hooked them. It’s time to real em’ in.

What you want to do is get super creative. You are going to create a FREE report or make a FREE video that your POP would go bonkers for.

Again, let’s use real estate agents as our POP example.

If you created a free report with the headline “5 places to find buyers and sellers that will explode your business”.

And then with your experience, you lay out these 5 places and identify the best strategies to use, and write them down in a step by step format.

Boom! You will have real estate agents opting in like crazy.

And once, their on your email list, that’s when you sell them your high ticket product that will help them grow their business.

And the reason this works so well, is that your exchanging value for value.

You give them a free report that adds value to furthering their career.

They give you their email address, which in turn you can use to sell them your products.

It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.

And the reason this method is superior to direct selling is two fold.

First, again people hate to be sold, and will turn the other way and never look back if they feel pressured.

Second, once their on your email list, and if you continue to build a relationship with them, they will become a loyal follower for life.

And if you choose in the future to represent another company, product and service, then you have the ammunition to make immediate sales, because you have a list of buyers.

That’s the blueprint to big ticket blogging.

But, before I let you loose on the blogging world, I have a quick tip that will supercharge your conversion rates and sales.

Make Money Blogging $100k/Year Tip

If there is one key tidbit of information you leave here with, let it be this.

Once again, it’s being the Purple Cow and standing out.

The key to successful blogging is being absolutely unique, and offering more value than anyone else.

And here’s an example of how you do it.

Over 150,000 marketers represent the Empower Network product line.

That is crazy competition.

And yes, I gain the competitive advantage by blogging to a POP that no one besides myself is targeting.

This method alone will allow you to earn a full time income online.

But for those bloggers, who like me want to make a high 6-figure/year income, and not have to do any extra work, this is how you do it.

Instead of just offering the Empower Network product line like every other marketer, I offer my POP a unique selling proposition.

When they make the decision to grow their business, and invest in the Empower Network products as tools to do so, I inform them that I will be donating a percentage of my profits to charity.

And I show them the charity I will be donating to as well, so they have all the information they need.

And to see what I mean, so you can have an idea for your business, check out my example right here.

And it works amazingly well.

You see, I know my POP inside and out.

And I know that this specific group of entrepreneurs love to donate to charity. They absolutely love to give back.

And so do I.

My POP sees this and is immediately hooked, because not only do we have common interests.

Not only do we share an open heart and love to help others out through various charities.

But NO ONE else would ever consider to do this. And if there are other marketers who are doing this, they’re not marketing to my POP.

And that’s how I stand out, and that’s how you’ll stand out.

Now, by no means am I saying that you should donate your profits to charity.

Don’t pay attention to the technique unless it piques your interest.

Pay attention to the principle, which is offering a unique selling proposition that no one else is offering.

That’s how you build a blogging legacy.

Time to bring this article to a close.

So, let’s recap for a hot second.

You start off with choosing a big ticket product that is in high demand and yields at minimum a $500 profit.

Once that’s out of the way, you move on to identifying your ideal POP and you market specifically to them only.

Then you put the cherry on top by offering a unique selling proposition that no one else would even consider.

Game, set and match. You win.

And again, with absolutely no pressure, if you want to check out Empower Network and see if their product line is what you want to represent to make at least $250,000 within the next 12 months…

Then click here and check it out.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about building a blogging machine, then drop a comment below and yours truly will lead you in the right direction.

Your Make Money Blogging Guide,

Ken Mabry


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