Make Money Blogging – The Basics

Make Money Blogging… How To Wine & Dine Google With Your Blog And Get Her To Jump In Bed With You…

Let me be frank.

If your blog is chillin’ like a villain on the first page of Google for even a few keywords with major search volume- Game Over! You Win!

Cuz’ you can literally be lounging out on a white sandy beach in the middle of the Caribbean, sippin’ on a Pina Colada…

And BUYERS will still be searching for your keyword, clicking on your site, and buying your products.

That’s the definition of the “Internet Lifestyle”.

That’s how you Make Money Blogging!

So, then the obvious question arises- how do you take a brand new blog with absolutely zero content, to a money making machine that pays you no matter where in the world you are, or no matter what you are doing?

Say what?! Teach me! Teach me!

It would be my pleasure. Just let me put on my Google Pimp Hat real quick.

And in the words of Van Wilder, “write this down!”

Make Money Blogging

First, I want to lay the foundation for creating a killah’ blog that terrorizes the 1st page of Google.

And it begins with putting your blog on the back burner and identifying a product or a service that you want to represent.

You see, contrary to popular belief, big ol’ commissions CAN’T be made from just blogging.

It’s not possible. Lemme’ explain.

Imagine that your blog has thousands and thousands of readers everyday.

Your readers absolutely fall in love with your articles and share your content with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Your posts can literally go viral within a few hours.

And no matter how many people read your words, your paycheck still has a big fat goose egg.

But why?! It’s because, blogging doesn’t directly make you money.

However, blogging is the money making vehicle you can use to funnel prospects to BUY your products and services.

And I’m not talking about any old vehicle.

I’m talking about a pimped out Ferrari, that everyone turns their head for and is attracted to.

Blogging is by far, the quickest and most efficient method to sell products and services online.

And instead of risking your hard earned money on paid advertisements all over cyber space, which statistically have about a 10% chance of success.

It costs you absolutely zilch to blog.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, put your wallets back in your pockets, because it doesn’t cost a dime to blog.

So, now that we squared away that blogging is the top shelf tool to make online sales… the next step is to choose a product to represent and make a king’s ransom with.

And with years of blogging experience under my belt, listen up to exactly what I’m about to put down.

The difference between success and failure in blogging, is choosing a product or service that pays a sky high commission.

I’m talking at minimum, $500 in profits going directly from the customers bank account to yours, with just one sale.

I call it “Big Ticket Blogging”.

And let me drop the 411 on why this is so IMPORTANT.

In my experience of representing everything from baby strollers to diet plans to ebooks to you name it… the refund rate of all low priced products is over 50%.

That means that $10,000 in commissions, ends up being $5,000 or less flowing into your bank account.

It absolutely sucks. You put in massive amounts of work (aka a high volume of blog posts) and now 50% is down the drain.

And it’s not your fault. It’s not really anyone’s fault.

It’s simply that unlike going to the store and being able to touch and see a product before you buy, online you don’t get that luxury.

So, as a result, the dissatisfaction level is through the roof. Which is why most lower priced products online come with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Not to mention that when selling lower priced products, you have to sell a ridiculous amount of volume to make a full time income.

For example, let’s take a product like an e-book, where you may make a $10 commission.

Statistically speaking, when asking people how much income ideally they would like to make online, the majority say $8,000 a month.

So, to make $8k/month selling a product with a $10 commission, you would need to sell 800 ebooks every month.

That’s an incredible amount of volume to be pushing.

And here’s the kicker. That’s WITHOUT the 50% refund rate built in.

Damn!!! I know.

That means to make that same $8k/month, you have to double your efforts and double your sales, and sell 1,600 ebooks every month.

And when it comes to that amount of volume, it ain’t happening. In the words of the late Tony Soprano, “Fuhgeddaboutit!”

Now let’s explore the opposite side of the spectrum, and see how Big Ticket Blogging crushes these problems.

First off, big ticket blogging means big ticket commissions.

Let’s take a company I represent as an example, Empower Network.

I represent this company for three reasons:

  1. I can bank up to $4,625 per sale- that’s just one sale!
  2. Absolutely zero refunds
  3. It’s the most in demand product on the market for business owners

Whatever big ticket product you represent, make sure they have these three components in place- fat ass commissions, zero or a very little refund rate, and the products are in high demand.

Unlike the blogger who has to cross the 1,600 sales threshold to make $8,000, with Empower Network if I make just 2 sales, I’m clearing a lil’ over $9k.

And when dealing with big ticket products, in return you’re dealing with a much more savvy customer.

One who thinks before they buy and weighs the options. So, when they do buy, they don’t ask for a refund.

Empower Network in particular has a product line that is designed specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs to get their products and services in front of buyers online.

With the shift in technology, over the last few years every business has been forced to take their offline business onto the web.

And business owners search day and night for the competitive advantage. With the Empower Network product line, they gain it.

And to put the icing on the cake, when dealing with a product that is in extremely high demand, 2 sales every month is like taking candy from a kid.

If $4,625 per sale would change your lifestyle, then click HERE.

So, now you know that the real money is in big ticket blogging, and you are going to go out there and find a product and a company to represent.

Now it’s time to start building your big ticket blog and make money blogging!

If you wanna keep a learnin’, stay with me.  Next, I talk more in-depth about how to make money blogging by targeting the right audience.

Your Make Money Blogging Guide,

Ken Mabry


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