Peddle Local or Go Global?

Are You an MLM Troll?wakeupnow review

If you’re a traditional MLMer, I’d bet real money you’ve been to your share of home meetings, been stuck on three-way calls, or been pressured to pitch your products to your family and close friends…

You’ve been told to hit up strangers…

in WalMart checkout lines…

in the grocery store parking lot…

trapped next to you on a plane or bus ride…

How’s that worked out for you so far?

Do you notice any family members or friends ducking for cover when they know you’re stopping by?

Maybe not…  if they’re really slick about it.

So, I ask again. “How’s that worked out for you so far?”

Have you met your financial goals yet?


Sorry, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sayin’ the problem is You.

It’s what you’re doing.

It. Just. Doesn’t. Work.

…at least for the 99.8% of the people that try it.

So, what’s an up-and-coming network marketer to do?

You’ve got the motivation…

You’ve got the time…

And you damn well have the desire to make it big, right?

The answer’s simple really…  stop trying to SELL to people.

Nobody likes an in-your-face sales pitch.

It turns ’em off.

It turns ME off.

People want to BUY.  They don’t want to be SOLD to.

That’s the key.

People LOVE to buy.

The trick is to convince them that you’re the right person to buy FROM.

And one of the best ways to do that is to position yourself as an expert in a particular field.

Position yourself as a leader.

People absolutely LOVE following a leader they can connect with.

Someone that is genuinely helping his/her followers as they realize their own success.

I’ll put myself out there as an example.

I don’t have a bunch of flashy crap plastered all over my blog.

Most of my content is pure information.

Information that people can use to fuel their own damn success.

And as a result, people become interested in what I’m doing.

How I’m succeeding.

They want to emulate my methods.

That’s what people do when they come across someone they see as an effective leader.

I’m not gonna hide the fact that I do quite well in network marketing/MLM.  And you’ve probably figured out that I don’t do any of the crap that’s usually associated with traditional MLM.

No home parties and elevator speeches for me, thanks.


I hate that shit.

I’d much rather draw folks into my blog, let ’em wander around, and make the decision to BUY from me based on who I really am and what I have to offer.

I promote two products online used to promote two products online, WakeUpNow and Empower Network

(See what convinced me to give it all up.)

And honestly, my closest friends and family have no idea what I do.

I keep my business life totally separated from my personal life.

Separate Facebook and Google accounts…

Separate email addresses…

And it works out great.

So, if you’re stuck in a rut with traditional MLM methods, just remember: there’s a better way, Chuck.

You’ve only got so many friends and family to hit up…

And you can only ambush so many people in the WalMart parking lot.

Why limit yourself?

Go online.

You can reach thousands, tens of thousands…

If you do it the right way.

And by the way…

I know the right way.

That’s why folks choose to join up with me.

They know they won’t be going it alone.

So, take your time, browse around, and get to know me a little better.



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