Empower Network Review for 2015

Empower Network Review for 2015


My name is Ken Mabry, and I’m a former Empower Network disciple & affiliate.

But now, I’m done.

Don’t get me wrong, Empower Network treated me well, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me.

I had a REAL problem with signing up folks in my downline, pitching the EN products to ’em, and knowing that only about 5% would EVER break even.

I thought, “there has to be a better way…”

..a less scuzzy way.


No B.S. here.

I wanna tell you upfront that I’m an Empower Network affiliate, and I have a few things I wanna be straight with you about before we go any further:

  • This is an Empower Network Review from MY point of view.
  • I’m gonna lay down my opinions about the company—good AND bad.
  • …and I won’t be begging you to join my team. I’ll give you my opinion–you can make up your own mind.

Empower Network Review – Company Background

Empower Network is one of the fastest growing and most controversial Internet Marketing companies in existence.

They’ve seen tremendous growth since they’ve started up just a little over two years ago (they started up on October 31st, 2011).

To sum the company up really quickly, they offer three things:

  1. An Internet blogging platform with optional tools and initial marketing training
  2. Optional, more advanced, marketing and sales training
  3. An optional affiliate marketing program for members that want to resell Empower Network products

Their blogging platform and tools are portable, meaning they can be applied to helping anyone succeed in an online business. The concepts that are taught apply to selling just about anything to anyone.

The business opportunity is completely optional. If you choose to participate, you would be able to resell Empower Network products for a commission.

Contrary to what the haters will tell you, Empower Network is neither a scam or pyramid scheme.

Empower Network Review – David Wood & Dave Sharpe

I first came across the Dave’s in January of 2013. Honestly, I can’t remember where I first ran across Empower Network. –it’s kind of embarrassing, really.

It was one of those late night Google binges I tend to go on… you know, where you’re stuck on a theme and start Googling the crap outta something? Pretty soon, you end up somewhere and forget what links you followed to get there, right?

Anyway… I started watching the video sales pitch and what caught my attention most wasn’t the Empower Network product or the business opportunity, but what seemed to be an honest, up-front couple of guys telling it as they saw it.

They were just… RAW.

I liked their approach, but I can see how some might be turned off.

The first time through the video, I actually cringed a couple times… thinking to myself “oh, snap… how many potential customers did that little comment scare away.”

It took me a while to get it though… The Dave’s aren’t ass kissers. They tell it like it is. Anyone that’s offended enough to walk away probably isn’t the person they’re looking for anyway.

Personally, I can relate to ‘em.

Although, I did have to look past some of the hype… they DO get pumped about their products and people, and it shows BIG time…

A lot of folks love it though—the dudes can be quite inspirational.

The Daves’ leadership is one of the key reasons I signed up for Empower Network.

Mainly because I don’t mind the in-your-face honesty.

I’ll take that any day over some slimeball shyster telling me whatever I wanna hear just so he can empty my wallet.

Dave and Dave have a great story to tell. Two guys that started from nothing and built the Empower Network from the ground up.

I won’t go into their whole bio now, but you can read more about them if you’re interested.

Empower Network Review – The Products

In a nutshell, here is Empower Network’s product lineup:

  • Viral Blogging System (aka ENV2 or the Blog Beast): $25/mo. Provides a blogging platform for personal or business use. It’s optimized for mobile and video. The newer version of the blog still has a few minor bugs, but no show-stoppers. One BIG improvement over ENv1 is the ability to map custom domain names to your blog.Inner Circle: $100/mo. (optional purchase). This training consists of an extensive collection of audio training available as streamed audio or downloadable as MP3s for listening on the go. Content is added on a regular basis and includes inspirational success stories and in-depth interviews with Internet marketing experts.
  • Costa Rica Intensive: $500/one-time (optional purchase). This is a video training series capturing live marketing training sessions. Good content, but a little out of date. Of all EN’s products, this one’s probably the weakest.
  • $15k Formula: $1,000/one-time (optional purchase). This is the best value of all Empower Network’s products. It’s chock full of webinars, paid advertising strategies, and a ton of other Internet marketing techniques. It gets its name from the $15K/month in 90 days blueprint.
  • Masters Course: $3,500/one-time (optional purchase). The Masters Course is comprised of footage filmed during live mastermind training sessions. Attendees paid premium prices to be included in these sessions and Empower Network has packaged them and made them available for advanced marketers.Empower Network Products

Empower Network Review – The Compensation Plan

First off, if you’re joining Empower Network to resell the products, you’ll have to pay a $19.95/mo affiliate fee. This cost covers the setup and maintenance of your merchant/e-wallet account. Without it, you won’t be able to accept credit cards for your sales.

BTW, A ton of people groan about paying another 20 bucks a month just to be able to resell the EN products, but you gotta look at it this way… how many brick-and-mortar business take credit card payments?? Almost all of ‘em, right?

And each and every one has to pay merchant fees to their bank. So, if you’re going into business for yourself, be prepared for these little expenses. There’ll always be costs associated with doing business.

You have two ways of earning commissions on Empower Network products (so long as you’re an active affiliate and paying the $19.95/mo fee).

  1. If you make a product sale to someone who hasn’t activated his/her own affiliate account, you can qualify for commission. (this is rare, since most people who buy the higher-end products WILL activate their affiliate accounts first)
  2. By first owning the product yourself. In other words, to make a commission on a product regardless of #1 above, you need to first buy that product yourself.

So, on to the good stuff…

Empower Network pays 100% commissions on all of their products except the Masters Course. The Masters pays about 85% commission ($3,000 commission for a $3,500 sale).

If you’ve been looking into Empower Network already, you’ll have seen “100% commissions” plastered across anything and everything associated with the company.

I’ll tell you up front that 100% doesn’t apply 100% of the time.

This is a multi-level marketing business, and as such, some of your sales will be “passed up” to your sponsor. That’s just the way it works…

The plan is fair… you’ll still keep the majority of the commissions on products you sell. And as you bring more folks into your downline, you’ll start making money on autopilot from the sales they pass up to you. So, it all works out pretty even in the end.

In a nutshell, the Empower Network compensation plan works like this:

For every product you sell, you’ll pass up the commission from your 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale to your sponsor. After that, you’ll only pass up every 5th sale.

There’s no getting around it… pass ups suck. But you’ll start feeling better about ‘em once you start getting them from your own downline.

For a more detailed look at the Empower Network Compensation plan, check out this video:

Empower Network Review – The Summary

Empower Network Pros:

A done-for-you blogging platform and a high authority domain make it easier to rank on Google for your money keywords

If you’re planning on reselling EN, you’ll have a huge headstart with the included marketing training, lead capture pages and sales videos all included and available for use.

A HUGE support network of like-minded individuals and leaders

Empower Network Cons:

It’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ll be the first to say it. You have to work hard to make it work.

The failure rate is high. Most people won’t do the work…

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation out there… It’s easy to fall in with the wrong sponsor or “guru” and end up losing money due to poor support or bad advice

As I said at the beginning, I’m an Empower Network affiliate, so some may consider this article biased. I go to bat for this company on a regular basis, but I do realize there are a few shortcomings with the products.

I’ll also be the first to tell you that Empower Network isn’t for everyone.

But if you’re a motivated and willing to put in the work it takes to succeed, you can make EN work for you. You just need to jump in, follow your mentor’s advice, and work your ass off…

I hope you’ve found this little Empower Network review enlightening…

I’m a blogger and a successful EN affiliate. I’d like to have you on my team if you’re serious about success.

If you are:

Join me inside Empower Network

Here’s to your success!

See you on the inside!

Ken Mabry

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