David Wood – Empower Network Leader

David Wood – Empower Network Leader

Update August 2015 – I’ve decided to hang up my MLM hat for good and move on to something far more reliable and less sleazy.  Check out how 1000+ former MLM and Affiliate Marketers have shed their sleaze and are on the fast track to building a guru-free future for themselves.

David Wood is one of the co-founders of Empower Network (along with David Sharpe).

You’ll recognize him as the guy that’s usually walking around on-stage in a tank-top and barefoot, wearing whatever-the-hell-else he feels like (usually a butt-ugly pair of shorts) and whipping audiences into a frenzy.

He’s a tell-it-like-it-is kinda guy, and that’s what I like about him.

Sure, he can get a little hype-y at times, David Wood Empower Networkbut that comes with the job.  But I don’t mind so long as he keeps talking straight.

I’m sure you’ve heard his story…

A once-homeless dude, living in a van (down by the river?), goes from ZERO to Internet marketing sensation in 2 years.

But, backstory aside, once you get to know the guy, you’ll see that he’s a savvy business man and a downright decent human being.

He and David Sharpe have created a company and a culture like I’ve never seen before.

When David Wood hosts an Empower Network event, people get pumped.

He can pack the house with THOUSANDS of people, time and time again.


Because he can relate.

People feel they can connect with him because he’s been where they are.

And at each and every event, David Wood introduces brand-new Empower Network leaders.

Folks that started from scratch and are quickly skyrocketing their incomes.

And when I say “from scratch,” I mean it.

These people didn’t come into the game with an existing team…

They didn’t have a huge e-mail list…

They started at rock bottom.

I know…  that’s exactly how I started.

David Wood’s Empower Network

So, what’s so special about Empower Network?

Well, the first thing you’ll hear everyone buzzing about is the affiliate program and Empower Network’s Compensation Plan.

And the attention grabbing phrase… 100% Commissions.

So, is it real?  Is Empower Network Legit?

It most certainly is.

Are the commissions really 100%?

Yes…  for most of the products.

And to be straight up, you’ll lose a very small percentage of each commission in payment processing fees. (normal for this type of biz)

Empower Network gives just about anyone out there the tools and training to build their own, online business.

…whether that be Network Marketing, or simply promoting your local cupcake store or other small business using the web.

The training inside Empower Network isn’t just geared to selling others on Empower Network.

As a matter of FACT, reselling Empower Network is completely, and totally optional.

But, a LOT of people choose to do it.

Sure, David Wood can be a little hype-y at times, but he’s a sales guy…  that’s what they do.

He’s going to push his products.

That’s his JOB.

But the bottom line is, those products are GOLD.

And anyone that buys the training and follows through with it…

And I mean REALLY follows through (not half-assing it) is going to have a real chance at making significant money online.

But honestly, more people are going to fail than succeed.  That’s just the nature of the universe.

Most people are either too lazy or too uninterested to make it work for themselves.

And a lot of them are gonna buy the products, fail to do the work, and go into total denial about why they failed.

They’re gonna post negative reviews…

They’re gonna call David Wood’s Empower Network a scam

They’re gonna file Empower Network Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints…

etc, etc…

It’s all a lesson in psychology, I guess.

Everyone wants to own their success…

…but not everyone wants to own their failures.

They’re always trying to blame it on someone else.

That’s too bad.

If you don’t own your own failures, then you’ll never learn the RIGHT lessons from your mistakes.

I stopped by Starbucks a couple of weeks ago and picked up a Venti Americano at the drive-thru.

I was really wrapped up in one of the Inner Circle audios and mindlessly took a great big ol’ gulp of coffee.

Big Mistake.

My tongue and the roof of my mouth were sore for a week.

Plus, I had a helluva time getting all the coffee off my seat, steering wheel, dashboard, windshield…   you get the idea.

But… my point is…

Who or what was to blame?

Starbucks??  “Well, screw those guys.  That’s the last time I buy a coffee from them.  They should know better to serve something that freakin’ hot”

The coffee?? “That’s it, man…  coffee’s just too damn dangerous.  I’m done.”

Me??  “You know, that was just a total dumbass moment.  I’ll pay more attention next time.”

So, what sounds more reasonable?

Me, owning that failure?

If I blamed Starbucks or the coffee itself, I’d deprive myself of something I enjoy on a regular basis…

But when I own the failure, I learn from it…

and I get to keep enjoying my coffee.

Alright…  I guess that’s enough soapbox talk for this post.

David Wood’s Empower Network isn’t for everyone.  If you’re gonna sit on your butt, take no action, and still expect to make money, you’re gonna be in for one helluva disappointment.

But…  if you follow the training and take action, then you’ve got a REAL shot at making it happen.

Your Empower Network guide,

Ken Mabry


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