Job Killing Testimonials


MLM & Affiliate  Marketers are FINALLY Making Money

“When I saw how simple this was, I laughed so hard it almost ruined my life.” 

“This is the real effin’ deal”

We launched this coaching experience over a year ago.
In that time we’ve received, literally, hundreds of testimonials from our slaphappy students.
While we make no guarantee of any results, the general consensus is:
This Shit Works.

What started off as a pilot coaching program has now ballooned to an unstoppable 900+ member movement of ex-network & affiliate marketers who’re now kicking ass with our local lead generation system.

Have You Failed to Earn Money Online?

Odds are, there are two main reasons why:

1. Competition

2. Lack of Skills

Well guess what?

Our coaching program is the solution.

We don’t compete against 300,000 other online marketers pushing the same crap, we only compete against a handful.

We don’t attempt to master dozens of online marketing skills.

We master only ONE.

Lead Generation.

…and it works.

Incredibly well.

We teach regular people how to help local businesses generate more leads.

Our business model is sound, honest and evergreen.

No more sleazy pitches to family members, no more unfair compensation plans, and no more slaving to make someone else rich.

We teach our students skills they can be proud to offer.

Just Ask Abdul:

Dude’s Making it rain checks:

And Christopher:

And Kyra, who just hit $9K/month:

And Colan:

And Ibi:

And Erik, who’s still in college, by the way:

And another busy college kid named Eric getting results:

And Maria:

Here’s another from Maria:

A third from Maria? Yep, just keeps getting better:

And Los:

And Roxanne:

And Henry:

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…still not convinced?

And Adam:

And Jessie:

And Jeremy:

And Catherine:

And Britt, who just KILLED his day job:

And Ty:

And Harkon:

And Ken:

And Lisa:

And Jesse:

And Simon:

And Cory:

Cory, closing in on an additional $10K/mo in NEW business for Jan 2015:

Cory’s got the entire family killing jobs.  His wife has retired, and now his daughter’s tearing it up too:

And Michael:

…who’s still growing like crazy:

And Adam:

And Avi:

And Craig:

And Eddie:

And JoAnn:

And Josh, who just put in his two-week notice:

…for good reason:

And Corey just landed a $1200/mo deal:

And don’t forget about Zerrick:

This was the first monthly deal he landed:

But he didn’t stop there.

Dude went from zero to $9k/month in 30 days.

He’s now at $12k/month and climbing fast.

Also murdered his 9-to-5.

Many others are on-track to do the same.

(So “Job Killing” isn’t just a clever name. Wink.)

We’ve created quite the family atmosphere, that’s for sure.

Just ask Ray:

I know you’re skeptical, but c’mon!

No one, not even the slickest of gurus, could fake the funk on ALL these testimonials.

Christi says it best:

This page is getting a little bloated, so I’ll cut it off here.

So… when you decide you just can’t take sitting on the sidelines any longer:

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