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Partner with Me

I hope you’re finding my blog interesting and informative.

I’ve made it my goal to offer help to folks out there that have been struggling with Internet marketing, and I guarantee that if you partner with me and join up with Team Mojo, I’ll do my damnedest to help you succeed.

An unexpected bonus…

And not only will you be helping yourself, you’ll be helping others just by signing up. If you’ve read through my blog, you should know by now that I give a percentage of my profits to charity. It’s my way of giving back, but it’s folks like you that make it possible. And it doesn’t cost you a single penny.

To learn more about how YOU will be helping give back to the community and the rest of the world, click here.

So let’s get down to the facts.

As I’ve said so many times in other posts, my primary business is Empower Network, and that’s what I recommend for anyone stepping into this business for the first time.  Heck, I recommend it to ANYONE who’s in this business, but most of the people “in-the-know” are already on board.

Let me lay out what you’ll get when you decide to partner with me:

  • Personal mentoring from yours truly
  • Viral Blogging System
  • Done-for-you, professionally designed squeeze pages (for capturing leads)
  • Fast start training (8 core commitments)
  • Mojo Minute daily accountability calls
  • $5k in 30 days (definitive, daily, step-by-step blueprint)
  • Proven Google page one ranking formula
  • Advanced Facebook, YouTube and press release strategies
  • Case study: How a Team Mojo leader turned $240 into $17,000 (and counting)
  • Private Team Mojo Facebook group with blogging alliance
  • Access to Google Hangouts, where WE convert YOUR leads
  • Personal invitation to our live, lavish masterminds
  • 24/7/365 support from within Team Mojo members area
  • Lifetime upgrades and unannounced bonuses

And how much does all that cost?

Empower Network Package

Well, it’s FREE once you partner with me in Empower Network.  You’ll get access to the done-for-you squeeze pages, the Viral Blogging System, and the fast start training for just $25 by clicking the button below.

Click Here To Partner

**Important:  To secure your spot on Team Mojo and gain access to all of the bonuses, make sure you see Ken Mabry (kenmabry) listed as your sponsor on the following signup page!  If not, I won’t be able to verify your membership, and you won’t have access to Team Mojo’s wealth of support and knowledge.

After that, you’ll land on the payment page.

Make sure you agree to the sponsor, terms, and conditions in the screenshot below.

Also, be aware that if you’re ordering from a mobile device, the order might not go through.

**If you have trouble with your credit card company denying your payment, read below.

Verify Your Sponsor is Ken Mabry

In case you have problems making payment – Empower Network’s payment processor is located in the United Kingdom (UK).  For this reason, some credit card companies might flag the payment as suspicious since it’s an international transaction.   Also, if you’re placing an online order and you’re located more than 20 miles from your home address, this can raise a flag with your bank as well.

If this happens, simply call your bank or credit card provider’s toll-free number and explain to them what you’re doing, and assure them that it’s actually YOU making the transaction. Once done, your transaction should go through just fine.

Remember, as part of Team Mojo, you’ll have access to some of the best minds in Internet Marketing.  You’ll have personal access to 6-figure bloggers through Team Mojo’s private Facebook group where team members ask questions and receive advice 24/7.

So, this is a no-brainer!  It’s all available when you join the team after buying the Viral Blogging System for just $25.

I look forward to working with you and wish you success!

And don’t forget, to learn more about how YOU will be helping give back to the community and the rest of the world, click here

See you on the inside.

Your Partner,

Ken Mabry


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