Wake Up Now Review

Wake Up Now ReviewWake Up Now Review

Update August 2015 – I’ve decided to hang up my MLM hat for good and move on to something far more reliable and less sleazy.  Check out how 1000+ former MLM and Affiliate Marketers have shed their sleaze and are on the fast track to building a guru-free future for themselves.

Tired of the same-old hyped up reviews?

Tired of the immature sales tactics…

Sick of the over-exuberant sales jerks flashing stacks of cash and posing with the big house and red Lamborghini?

Get ready for a breath of fresh air…

Read on, and learn a little more about me and my team.

Wake Up Now (WUN) is a company that’s been steadily trending up over the past year.

If you’ve just heard of WUN,  it’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers its own set of services and products and combines that with an optional business opportunity.

The MLM biz opp is totally optional. If you wanna join just for the products and access to the Wake Up Now HUB, you’ll be in good company.

If you’re just looking for Wake Up Now Products, Go Here.

Looking for details on the Wake Up Now Compensation Plan?
Check it Here.

Wake Up Now Review – The Biz Opportunity

Like I said, WUN is an MLM opportunity. You might see ’em described as a “direct sales” company or a “social distribution” company… it’s all essentially the same thing.

Does that automatically mean, “pyramid scheme?”


MLM companies have gotten a bad rap over the years due to a few folks joining up and using shady and sometimes, downright illegal, tactics to recruit others and sell the products.

WUN has a sound business model, and so long as they keep watch on how people are promoting their company and crack down on any sleazy shenanigans, they should do just fine.

(awesome word…. “shenanigans”)

MLMs aren’t “real” companies. 

Is Wake Up Now a scam?

Is Avon a real company?

How about Tupperware, or Mary Kay?

These are household brands, and also some of the most enduring MLM companies out there.

Are they scams?  (I’ll let you answer this one)

One of the major differences between an MLM-based company and a company with a more traditional business model is that MLMs have little-to-no advertising expenditures.

A traditional company will generally pay for its own advertising and maintain its own set of retail stores/franchises, whereas an MLM does not.

Instead of shelling out the cash on advertising and stores, they rely on their independent distributors to do the legwork for them.

The money that a traditional company would pay in advertising costs, etc. is reserved for paying commissions to its distributors.

When a distributor, or Independent Business Owner (IBO) in WUN terms, is successful in selling the products, they’re paid commissions in return.

It’s a sound model that’s worked well for decades.

Yes, MLMs typically receive more scrutiny from regulators… because independent distributors are, well… independent.

Some people do things they shouldn’t do.

…and it’s up to the company to keep their distributors in check.

When the company doesn’t act or looks the other way, they can get into trouble…

-The Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints start to rack up.

-The FTC and state governments start eyeballing the company’s and distributors’ marketing practices.


But, with all that aside, Wake Up Now is starting to really take off. The company started up back in 2009, but has just recently gained traction.

Google Trends shows their increasing popularity.

WUN Google Trends - Wake Up Now Review

Wake Up Now just passed the 100,000 customer mark in May 2014.  They’ve got a solid business model and a rockin’ compensation plan.

According to a recent company statement, WUN is investing heavily in expanding their product line and developing more of their popular, proprietary nutritional products and increasing inventory availability.

That’s great news…

Lemme give you an example why.

One of WUN’s more popular products, an all-natural energy drink, has been flying off the shelves.

So much so, that they ran out of the product.

That’s both totally awesome and terrible, all at the same time.

Out of stock product = popular product = high profit potential


Out of stock product also means that no one is making any money until the inventories are replenished.

In the biz, we call this a successful failure.

The good news is that WUN’s realized how popular that product is and is adjusting for demand.

…just what a good company should do.

I’ve got high hopes for Wake Up Now… and I’m looking forward to CRUSHING it with the rest of my team!

My Wake Up Now Team

My team is a little “unconventional” in terms of MLM.

Most MLM companies will encourage their distributors to go out and hit the streets, sell their products face-to-face, come up with “elevator speeches,” etc.

WUN is no exception.

And that’s a perfectly ethical and acceptable way to do business… I’m not knockin’ it.

But I’ll tell you… It’s not for me.

My team focuses more on marketing the products and business opportunity via blogging.

…and it works quite well.

Instead of hitting the streets and spending our time going one-on-one, we set up a blog, get it ranked on Google, and reach more people than we EVER could face-to-face.

We have a strategy for creating blogs and ranking them on Google that we share only with our team members (for obvious reasons!).

We’re always looking for other motivated folks that wanna join us.

Traditional MLMers are welcome–if you’re ready to become a “convert.” 😉

But please… serious inquiries only.

We get a lotta “tire-kickers”, and wishy-washy types that take up a TON of our time, And experience has shown us that the majority of these folks never join or are super-high maintence-types if they do.

If you’re not ready to take action now, our team probably isn’t the best fit for you.

So, if you’re ready to commit to your own success and wanna join a successful and supportive team, drop me a line in the comments below.

If you’re ready to change your life, Click Here.  You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for checking out my Wake Up Now review, and I’ll see you on the other side!


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