Wake Up Now Compensation Plan

Wake Up Now’s Compensation Plan

Update August 2015 – I’ve decided to hang up my MLM hat for good and move on to something far more reliable and less sleazy.  Check out how 1000+ former MLM and Affiliate Marketers have shed their sleaze and are on the fast track to building a guru-free future for themselves.

Wake Up Now’s comp plan is one of the best in the business.


It’s Complicated.

…or maybe it just seems that way after eyeballin’ that 22-page compensation plan document…

But don’t let it scare you away. It’s pretty easy to understand once you dig in.

So, I’m gonna try and distill it down to just the interesting stuff.

WUN – Customers vs. IBOs

When you sign up with Wake Up Now, you’ll be starting out as a Preferred Customer.  You’ll get access to the WakeUpNow HUB and a special discounts and offers within.

There’s no charge (read: it’s FREE) to sign up as a Preferred Customer.  As a matter of fact, you could get yourself started from the ground up as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) without paying anything at all…  however, most folks are probably gonna pay the extra monthly fee to get a leg up on earning commissions sooner.

The next step on the ladder is to become a QUALIFIED Preferred Customer or QPC.  What “Qualified” means is that you’re now qualified to earn commissions from Wake Up Now products and services should they choose to become an IBO (Independent Business Owner).

But, just becoming qualified doesn’t automatically make you an IBO.

Once you become a QPC, and you’ve referred at least three other members that have ALSO reached QPC status, WUN will invite you to become an IBO.

As an IBO, you then become eligible to receive commissions.

There’s also a fast track to becoming an IBO.  You can jump ahead by applying as an IBO and picking up the “Platinum” Monthly Package which buys you in at just the level you need to stay qualified as an IBO.

But… it’s your choice.  You can take the free route, which takes a little more work to get to the point where you’re earning commissions, or you can buy in at the Platinum level.

You can also buy in at a lower level, say Silver, or Gold.  This will give you a boost toward becoming an IBO, but it won’t quite get you all the way there.

Right now, I believe the monthly prices are:

  • Silver: $24.95/month*
  • Gold: $49.95/month
  • Platinum: $99.95/month

*BTW, each package comes with access to cell phone plan discounts.

Up to 22% off your monthly bill.

For most of you, this would probably cover the cost of at least a Silver Package.

Add that discount to the other savings you’ll have access to, and… well.

Just sayin’... 😉

Wake Up Now – IBO Ranks

WUN has three levels, or ranks, for IBOs.

Director 1, Director 3, then Director 3;

Founder 3, through Founder 7;

Then 7 more ranks at the Executive level.


Once you reach the level of Director 3, you’ll receive a monthly bonus of $100 in addition to your earned commissions.

When you reach the next level of Founder 3, you’ll start getting bonus checks for $600/month + commissions.

And the bonuses keep climbing from there…

Founder 7’s and higher receive a $10,000/month bonus in addition to their regular commissions.

FYI, you probably already know this, but it’s only the folks that buckle down and are serious about success that earn this kind of money.  Wake Up Now includes an income disclaimer at the end of their compensation plan.  I advise you check it out for yourself before making any decisions.

Once you start rising in the ranks, there are a ton of other payouts as well…

You can get additional bonuses based on how well your entire team is performing for you.  As you rise through the ranks, you can get additional perks such as cash for vacations, an Auto bonus to offset the cost of your car, and more… WUN calls these “Luxury Payouts”

So, do me a favor now…  check out the Wake Up Now compensation plan for yourself.  And keep in mind that I don’t work for, nor do I officially speak for Wake Up Now (the corporation).

If you’ve already seen the full Compensation Plan and your head is still aching, you might wanna check out the abbreviated WUN Compensation Overview.  It’s a condensed version that’s a little easier to take in.

So, if you see any glaring mistakes I’ve made in this post, feel free to drop me a comment at the end and I’ll get right on it.

And if you’re ready to CRUSH it with our team of unconventional Internet Marketers and MLMers, then drop me a line in the comments below, and let’s get started!


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